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Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Chateau-Cuir – Spunk on my long leather coat 

I simply love this long leather coat and I know you do too. It is so soft, sexy and that satin lining is a real treat for your skin. Watching me flaunt around in my leathers gets you so hard, doesn’t it? I know you must feel that coat wrapped around your cock. You worship your leather Goddess and love to spunk on my leather coat.


NyxonsBondageFiles – Bella Madisyn Bring It Daddy 

Bella is finishing up the dishes when she hears a knock at her door. When she opens it, the young man (POV) introduces as the neighbor boy who’s home from college. He butters Bella up with some compliments, then tells her that he’s pledging a fraternity & needs to fulfill a task. Bella blushes, and tells him that she’d be more than happy to help. He holds up some rope & says that he just needs to get a photo…

Female Domination, Handjob & Milking

Chateau-Cuir – Leather boss lady makes you cum 

It’s fun being your Boss…watching you drip and drool as I flaunt my leather outfit in the office. You have deserved a treat as your work has improved much lately. Now I will tease your cock with my hot leather business outfit. That leather blazer looks great, doesn’t it? Feel my hands jerking you off as you watch your leatherclad lady boss makes you cum on her skirt.


NyxonsBondageFiles – Raven Rogue I Ain’t No Bitch 

Raven’s session client is late, and she’s not pleased. When she begins to berate him to put him in his place, he does the unthinkable… he talks back! Not in the mood for any of his sass, Raven tells him that she’s going to have to take away some of his privileges until he learns his place. As she’s speaking to him, he comes towards her with some rope. Raven screams, and in the next scene we see her tied…


CinchedandSecured – Jayda – Pretty in Pink 

Jayda looks SO cute in her pretty pink pajamas! All they need is a tiny splash of color…and rope! Fortunately, your red rope looks gorgeous, and she absolutely loves how it feels, cinching her wrists together, locking her ankles side by side as she flexes her pretty feet for you. She has a nightie you might really enjoy, but she’ll only show it to you if you tie her a little bit more strictly! How can you refuse! Now frog-tied,…


NyxonsBondageFiles – Slyyy Blind Date Gone Sideways 

Slyyy is all ready for her blind date to arrive, when she hears a knock on her door. Thinking it’s her date, she tells him to come in. When he enters (POV) she notices that he looks a bit different than in his photos, but shrugs it off because no one is really honest on those online dating things anyway, right? She starts rambling on about all of the things they’re going to do on their date, when he comes…

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