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Keep Your Distance: Helena Locke and Dillon Diaz

Poor Dillon Diaz has been locked in chastity for as long he can’t remember what life resembled before Helena Locke put him in his cage. He is so desperate to have an orgasm he has called his Domme to offer up anything she asks of him to find just when. Domina Helena is a hectic lady as well as has no time at all for horny little belows following her around, begging for sexual gratification. Lucky for Dillon she wants to negotiate. If he will certainly put himself up until he is beet red, flog his back HARD, deepthroat a dildo, as well as beat his cock with a cord hanger she will consider enabling him one orgasm.

Helena is an absolute bombshell in red latex. She teases him with peeks of her wonderful butt and also pink pussy yet then snatches it away as soon as his interruption influences his self flagellation. His wish can not hinder of the task at hand, entertaining Helena. The tougher he hits himself the tougher she laughs, liking his whimpers and moans. This sub is so excited to please that he begins their session with a vibrating buttplug already turned on and also in his butt. He thought Helena would more than happy that he took initiative but he was sorely incorrect. Helena did not provide him consent to think for himself. She has him fuck his own ass by riding a dildo with nipple clamps on. She tells him to put his tough cock on the chain affixed to both clips. There will be no satisfaction without discomfort today. He ought to recognize by now the extremely standard guidelines established for him. He is not to have free choice or imagination, If he is allowed ahead he must consume it, and he goes back in his cage when she is finished with him.

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