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Kink – The Pickup Artist Gets Fucked 

Pierce Paris is driving in his fancy white sports car when he comes across Helena Locke jogging along the side of the road. He creeps a little too close and she stops his car to ask him what the hell he’s doing. He shoots his shot and comes off douchey and conceited. Helena plays along and lures him back to her place where she plans to dominate him. Helena puts on a sexy red latex outfit with high-heel boots. She…


Kink – Alani Pi, Asphyxia Noir, Cassandra Nix, Tia Ling 

There was a time when Claire Adams directed Device Bondage. She thoughtfully created brutal and creative predicaments. She administered torment and anxiety that produced screams that probably still echo in the basement of The Armory. These are five scenes out of so many, that Claire has directed for Kink. Alani Pi is strapped on her back to a wooden frame with a Sybian bound to her pussy. She screams in pain and in pleasure through her taped shut mouth as…


Codey Steele, Penelope Kay – Kink – May 14, 2022 

Penelope Kay is the sweetest little thing when you meet her, but it doesn’t take long to figure out how slutty she really is. She gets tied to a cage with her legs spread wide and her arms bound in a matching manner. Codey Steele begins by reddening her flesh with a flogger, before testing out her blowjob abilities. Penelope is very eager to please her master. She is willing to tolerate anything to get his cock shoved back down…


BondageJunkies – Mesa vs. The Barless Cage 

Hogtied and gagged with plenty of tight ropes, Mesa was totally helpless. She does have a small hope for escape if she can manage to squirm a few feet. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue if she were not surrounded by a copper frame connected to a ErosTek (TENS) box. After a few painful experiments get out of the cage Mesa quickly returns to the middle for safety. Or so she thinks. Mesa soon finds out I have more than…


WaterBondage – Lorelei Lee and Viking 

Lorelei suffers at the hands of Viking and the fact that when we shot this there was no hot water! Suspended upside down she is sprayed with the pressure hose. Then locked in a cage shivering her pussy is fucked and she is permitted to cum before being strapped onto the cross, spun upside down and filled with cold water! This is a bonus update, there will be a full update on Friday.


Queensnake – CHILI CAGE – HOLLY 2021 September 25 

First we wanted to do a sparking cage movie with Holly but she gave up after one-minute electric shock on her pussy, it was too painful for her. Kudos to Nazryana, she could do it earlier. So I found out something else for Holly with the same setup. However I am not sure that it was a good barter for her since having hot pepper sauce on and in her pussy is probably even more painful than the electric stinger….


BondageJunkies – Sage vs. Her Great Escape 

Sage manages to get herself into trouble again but this time she’s not going to get off so easily. Gagged with a 2″ ball gag, she’s then hooded and collared. An armbinder keeps her arms secure with a couple of belts doing the same for her legs. For good measure, I put her in the cage to dial up her helplessness. Carelessly, the timer on the cage is set to two minutes instead of two hours and she manages to…


BondageJunkies – Lola vs. A Little Snag 

Lola loves to be mummified and was especially excited to try the challenge. As instructed she gags herself first before starting to wrap herself. Pulling the wrap tight as she spins around she can feel how tight it is after a few revolutions. As Lola circles the cage the wrap works its way down her body to her legs. The challenge is to get down to her ankles, struggle a bit, and remove the wrap by reversing direction. All was…


BondageJunkies – Peach vs. The Mystery Button 

Getting stuck in self-bondage is easy enough to do even when you’re prepared. Not knowing the toys you’re using inside out is almost a guarantee as Peach soon learns. While spending the night she gets a little bored and decides to pass the time with the cage. Not knowing it was secured with a magnetic lock she unwittingly turns it on while pressing buttons on the remote. Unfortunately for her, Peach doesn’t realize this until after she closes the cage…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Hungry after three days in Her cage – Mistress Kandy 

Mistress Kandy has left you locked in her cage for three days. As you awake you look up and see her sitting on the cage above you completely naked. “Good morning my little toilet bitch” she says to you. She touches her pussy and asks how you rested, laying on hard metal bars. You get an amazing view of her tits, pussy and ass. “This cage is perfect for taking a big, ripe stinky dump” she tells you. You haven’t…


BondageJunkies – Rachel vs. Her Self-Mummy 

While Rachel is no stranger to self-bondage she was in the mood for something new. Mummification was on her mind and with a little research, she came up with a solution. Wrapping pallet wrap around poles she’s able to circle around them to wrap herself tight. As this is a trial run her escape plan is to just unwrap the other way. It wasn’t until her ankles were wrapped together that things went awry. Falling onto the couch the wrap…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

Queensnake – SPARKING CAGE – NAZRYANA 2021 March 6 

Today’s movie is based on a new setup and I think it’s a vicious one. We have attached the red shocker rod to the fucking machine in a way that it is able to slide back on the shaft when pressed against the skin then a spring mechanism pushes it out when it gets pulled back by the rotating wheel. So after some warmup I put Nazryana into the metal cage (where she sit for the entire duration of the…

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