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WaterBondage – Jenni Lee 

Jenni Lee has an intense fear of water play but you wouldn’t know it from this shoot! Tied with one leg raised she is scrubbed clean. Suspended upside down she must use all of her strength to keep her head above water, as she tires she submits and endures being submerged for longer periods of time. Bound to a cold metal chair a steady stream of water stimulates her clit whilst a dildo fucks her pussy making her cum time…


WaterBondage – October 10, 2003 – Goldie 

There is no questioning Goldie’s beauty or her love for bondage and multiple orgasms but water.water is something she is very nervous about! In this playful, pleasure orientated shoot with Chanta she is bound and made to cum several times with the water before building up the courage to try some dunking. As a reward she is fucked by Chanta’s strap on cock to climax one more time!


Ariel Anderssen – A Bad Romance (Epic Bondage Edit) 

You’re so bitter about our breakup! I’ve come over so that you can sign the final papers for our divorce, and you make me the weirdest offer ever. You want to make some videos to remember me by, and in return you’ll pay me an extra £50,000. That’s an attractive offer, despite the fact that OBVIOUSLY you want the videos to be bondage scenarios, since it’s what turns you on. I think that’s ridiculous, but be my guest! As long…


BondageLife – On The Runway Rachel Greyhound 9/27/2021 

In this fun stream, Greyhound channels her inner super model when she turns her hallway into a runway while modeling some sexy outfits for you! After starting things off in the standing present position and showing off her beautiful naked body, our little creature slips into a pair of sexy black heels, licks her butt plug and inserts it into her ass then tries on a cute school girl outfit and models it for the camera by walking up and…


WaterBondage – October 15, 2003 – Audrey Leigh 

Matt skillfully restrains Audrey and takes her on a pleasure and pain journey using water as his only tool! Bound with her ass in the air her pussy is filled to the brim.Audrey must hold the fluid inside whilst he vibrates her and then release when she cums! Next she is tied in an arch and rubbed down with baby oil before being stretched out and having cold water released over her body time and time again. For suffering so…

Lezdom & Lesbian

GloveMansion – The domination of Nesty part 1 

Miss Coco keeps her female pet Nesty caged and ready for her pleasure. She brushes her gloved hands over the slave girl’s nipples and naked pussy, teasing her and making her very horny and obedient. They both love the touch of leather gloves so much! The Mistress then gets her pet out of the cage and invites her to lick her wet pussy…


CinchedandSecured – Dahlia – From Domme to Bimbo! 

Dark haired dominatrix Dahlia Lark has become very displeased with her session client. After arriving late for the appointment, he displays a complete lack of respect. Dahlia orders him to his knees and lectures him, but before she can finish disciplining the unruly sub, a strange swirling light commands her attention. She finds herself unable to look away, her entire consciousness being swallowed by the swirling images until she slowly finds herself under the mental command of her sub! He…


Secretaries Bound 

If you’re a fan of workplace BDSM, then Ben Dover’s Secretaries Bound is going to be right up your alley! Featuring some hot secretaries in bondage in a collection of softcore restraint sessions that is ironically completely not suitable for viewing in the workplace!


WaterBondage – August 29, 2003 – Lorelei Lee, Torque 

Lorelei submits completely to Torque’s sadistic ways. She must trust him entirely as the tank fills and he pushes her head underwater. She is suspended upside down wearing only a scuba mask and her head is placed underwater for minutes at a time. When it was all over Lorelei felt a sense of accomplishment at all she had endured.

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Miss Maxwell’s School Of Correction Part 1 

This dirty little pervert has been caught looking up his teachers skirt in class and touching his crotch. He tries to lie to me but it doesn’t take me long to extract the truth from this snivelling little weasel. I make him hold out his hand that he has touched himself with and proceed to strike him harshly with My ruler. His hands will be stinging for some time, especially the next time he goes to touch his pathetic excuse…


WaterBondage – May 30, 2003 – Lorelei Lee 

Lorelei was certainly put through her paces on this shoot! She suffers the cane whilst wet, is head dunked in an upside down suspension, tied strapado style and made to drink through a funnel gag and submerged in a barrel with a dildo tied into her pussy and tight nipple clamps on!

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