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Gorgeous Miss Jasmine towers over you as you lay in her empty cold jet tub. Don’t worry you’ll be feeling some warmth soon. “I drank a lot of water for you” she tells you, adding “you know how I love weak men.” She leans over and drops a big spit ball on you. This is only the start. She slides her hand into her panties and then asks how you most like her spit. Right into your mouth, or licking it off the floor. “I don’t really care, you are here to serve me and I know you want everything that comes from my gorgeous body including everything that I have digested” she says. She tells you to kneel up and to lick her sweaty armpits, if there’s any hair there you can eat them.

Now she turns around so you can worship her sweaty thong. “I was a bit gassy today and the smell should be in the fabric” she says as she tells you to get your nose in her cheeks as she lets out a whistler of a fart. You love it. Now she is going to piss in her mouth so orders you to lay down again. Any you miss you will be licking up. Her piss is a bright green yellow color as a result of her supplements that make it so colorful. This is how you get your supplements, through her piss. “While I know you are excited about my sweat, and my farts and my piss, I know you are most excited about that thing you’ve never done before” she says. “You fantasize about being my full toilet, eating my schlt” she says as more piss falls on your head. Jasmine has been holding it for hours and she gives you a huge amount of her nectar. Now she turns around sticking her ass in your face, she moves the panties to the side to show you her sweet hole. “Open wide” she orders.

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