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InfernalRestraints – PONY RIDES | Anna Rose 

Anna pulls him around the premises. Anna reaches be a horse for a very special ride. The cage Anna is secured fits her just perfectly. Any type of smaller as well as she would not fit; any type of larger and also she would certainly fit. She has the liberty to move around, however no position is comfortable for long. Thirst becomes a concern quickly. He can solve that if Anna agrees to drink what he offers. When she finishes…


SensualPain – Stomach Punching Until you Pee | Jessica Kay | Abigail Dupree 

Abigail Dupree Punches Naked Jessica Kay in the tummy continuously creating her to scream out suffering, cry as well as practically puke. Defeating the abdomen continuously time and again till she is laying on the flooring hurting and also has to pee. There is simply something unbelievably sexual about girl-girl Stomach Punching. If you clicked this video clip, I assume you are or will be a follower of stomach Stomach Punching. Obtaining typed the digestive tract is among the most…

Female Domination, Smoking, Spitting

Miss Melisande Sin: Gash Bucket For The Sinsisters 

Mistress Melisande Transgression, Mistress Evil Woman as well as Girl Dark Fairytale have this slave right where They wanted. Here, you’ll see just how They use him as Their human toilet. He aspires to please and also opens his mouth wide to be made use of by the Ladies. They spit as well as humiliate him constantly while using him as a human toilet. They enjoy degrading and also humiliating this slave. He literally obtained saturated entirely with all the…


SensualPain – Daddy I Cant Hold It Any Longer | Abigail Dupree 

Daddy has been in the bathroom for forever and I really gotta go! Number one and number two. I colored three whole pictures and everything but he’s still in there and he wont let me use the potty. The potty dance only works for so long. I ended up having an accident all over my Barbie blankie and in my little white panties.. oh no.. This is so bad what should I do? I’ll just hide it in my dresser….

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Kandy’s Bathmat Bitch 

Mistress Kandy enjoys a hot sexy bubble bath with her girlfriend, Mistress Olivia Rose, in Las Vegas after a long day of sessions and filming. She enjoys toying and teasing her “bathmat bitch” having her delicious feet and ass licked dry. All a part of his training. If he knows what is good for him he will do a great job. After all, bathmat bitches are a dime a dozen in sin city… however a great bitch will be granted…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Two Dommes One Cup 

Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine sit on the edge of the tub chatting. “So, tell me about bimbo. How many times has she drank your piss?” Jasmine asks. Damazonia describes what the slave’s regular diet includes, but today is going to be special because the slave will not only get Damazonia’s piss, but Jasmine’s as well! Damazonia decides to piss first, and when she finishes emptying her bladder, she hands the cup over to Jasmine. Jasmine is famous for producing…

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Clubstiletto – That Thing You Really Want To Do – Miss Jasmine 

Gorgeous Miss Jasmine towers over you as you lay in her empty cold jet tub. Don’t worry you’ll be feeling some warmth soon. “I drank a lot of water for you” she tells you, adding “you know how I love weak men.” She leans over and drops a big spit ball on you. This is only the start. She slides her hand into her panties and then asks how you most like her spit. Right into your mouth, or licking…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Get Down There and Start Slurping 

Kandy is sitting on her table toilet and has you kneeling close by to watch as she is just starting your training as her full toilet. No slave can jump right into licking and eating everything without some loving guidance from their owner first. She has a man dish on the floor and is going to fill it up with her pee for you to lick. She really had to pee and the stream rockets into the bowl and splashes…

Female Domination

Clubstiletto – Princess Lily’s Golden Treats 

If you like pee and love Princess Lily, you will want to watch this clip which shows her peeing in two different situations. In the first she’s standing by the toilet and pulls up her dress to reveal her gorgeous ass and then pulls down her panties to sit on the toilet. “I bet you wish I was peeing on your head” she says. Now you get a close up view of all that sweet delicious nectar coming from her…


Infernal Restraints – Jan 20, 2017: Creep Suck | Sierra Cirque 

Sleep is fitful and only possible after the exhaustion of constant shifting around and adjusting the stones that are my bed. It feels like my body has been covered in blows – the rocks are bruising me. Its getting colder. The sun is lower; It beams through a window and illuminates the details of what hovers above me. I am one of those web bound carcasses. As it darkens, the chirps and squishes begin — shadowy flutters of darting fantoms…


Infernal Restraints – Oct 21, 2016: Creep Keep | Sierra Cirque 

  These fiendish instruments are agony, I pray he will return.   Her condition has become more ingrained. She has been in the ass bar ring for 48 hrs. I took her arms out of play by shackling them to the back of the ass ring. Her ankles are shackled together, thus, her legs can afford her little balance. She is forced into a crunch position and her only mobility is waddling on her ass. I am delighted that the…


Clubstiletto – Miss Jemma, Mistress Kandy – Pissed off at the Boss 

  Mistress Kandy has given Her step-Daughter Jemma a real lesson this past year in how to control men, starting with Jemma’s own daddy. Today Kandy shows Jemma how She has turned her ex-boss into her human toilet. Whenever She needs to pee he has to come over and open his mouth beneath Her toilet seat and take all Her Piss. Kandy asks Jemma if they should also use daddy as a toilet and Jemma excitedly says yes, she wants…


Clubstiletto – Mistress Kandy, Miss Jessica – In Your mouth on Your Body 

  Mistress Kandy and Miss Jessica know that their slave is thirsty and his only drink on this day will come from Kandy’s pussy, or Jessica’s should she need to piss, as well. First the slave is told to sniff both of their crotches and imagine their piss flowing into his mouth. The Ladies then tell the slave to lay on his back as Kandy removes Her pants exposing Her perfect Pussy. She tells him to open his mouth and…


Infernal Restraints – Feb 26, 2016: Lobster Girl | Abigail Dupree 

  Abigail Dupree came here to quench her thirst for intense BDSM. Jack Hammer came here to take a sexy, young woman, strip her down and put her to the ultimate test of her limits. She was expecting a lover who would dote on her and pay attention to her needs. What she got instead was a strong man, dispassionately going about breaking her body and her will.   He comes to her, splits her pantyhose with a knife, and…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Ella Kross – Masturbate Only When I Pee! 

  Today we`re going to play a unique masturbation game. You`re going tojerk-off your cock, but only when I`m peeing! Standing in my back yard andwearing only a sheer black top, I spread my legs and begin pissing allover the ground. You know what that means, right? It means it`s time foryou to start stroking that cock for me. When I stop peeing you have totake your hands off of your dick, though! Over and over again I startpissing only…

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