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Kandy is sitting on her table toilet and has you kneeling close by to watch as she is just starting your training as her full toilet. No slave can jump right into licking and eating everything without some loving guidance from their owner first. She has a man dish on the floor and is going to fill it up with her pee for you to lick. She really had to pee and the stream rockets into the bowl and splashes on the carpet too. She puts her hand in the stream and brings her hand up to your mouth to give you your first taste. You instantly love the taste and your addiction to want every drop that ever comes from her has already begun.

She starts peeing some more and soon the bowl is starting to fill. She leans over and spits into the dish to add some flavor and tells you drinking pee is just the start, soon you will be eating her chocolate too. She then tells you about her ladies nights, were all her girlfriends come over and you are the party toilet. You will be bound in place and your mouth open and you will swallow everything they give you. “Every time I need to use the toilet I will snap my fingers and you will get in place to take what I give you and I want you down there and I want to hear you slurping” she tells you. Next Kandy tells you to drain the bowl and then get under her toilet. The scene rolls over and now you are under the toilet looking up at Kandy’s face. Ass and pussy. Your training program is a short one and you are about to get your first feeding. She tells you to stare at her ass and pussy and think about what is going to happen and to long for what she gives you. “I get tons of messages every day from subs who want to be in your position so I want to see a big smile on your face while you are eating my sch1t or you will be replaced.” This is your new life, first she will feed you and then wash it down with her piss. The camera zooms up to her asshole, this is where your food will come from, from now on.

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