Im Crying because it HURTS
636c1c426359c Im Crying because it HURTS
Lady Bellatrix has her slave chained to the bench. “I’m in a particularly sadistic mood” she says adding “But I tend to wake up that way.” She starts by running her sharp fingernails across her slaves back before giving him a spanking. The amount of discipline he needs though, her hands won’t cut it. Fortunately she has a nice array of instruments to work with.

She starts with a nice leather paddle and forget about a warmup, that’s what the spanking was for. She swings with all her might and soon the slave is crying in pain. “Are you crying?” she asks him. “Yes Mistress” he says as she resumes the flogging. Bellatrix next reaches for a rattan cane. She has the slave count each stroke but the pain gets him all fucked up and he gets the numbers wrong so she decides to give him 10 hard strokes in rapid succession. The poor boi cries out in pain which brings a huge smile to Bellatrix’s face. She moves to the other side of the bench and repeats the process before giving him a bit of relief and rubbing her hands over his ass. If he thinks it’s over he’s in for a surprise as she goes back to the starting point and flogs him some more in the same fashion. His attempt to escape and his crying gets Bellatrix aroused. She rubs her nails across his back and says “OK, we’re all done for the day… except for this.” She resumes the severe flogging.

636c1c53d864f Im Crying because it HURTS

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