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A pure, full, totally devoted Hardcore Face Smothering so potent, you’ll be blown away that the individual face seat serving under Milah Romanov is also able to take ANY of this incredible Face Smothering! This is especially real thinking about Milah’s extreme Facesitting Ass!

“I swear I’ll do better this moment!”, her face seat exclaims in breathless desperation in one his incredibly uncommon minutes of respite! To which Milah responds: “Oh yeah?! I do not think you !!!” as she jumps and simply shatters her incredible thong leotard clad ass on his battered, smothered face!

“You are MY chair!” Milah commands as she strongly pushes her seat’s face right back and also ever before much deeper within the snugly clutched confines of her dark, endlessly sexy, abyssal ass!

Also via all this apparently unlimited surround, Milah proceeds “I’m going to SIT! And also you’re going to STAY!” after that relaxes back into her Face Smothering as she takes pleasure in a videogame session. As if this is inadequate (though it absolutely was), Milah completes him off with an additional series of difficult Face Bouncing, saying loudly: “You do NOT move when you are MY chair!!!” Remarkable!

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