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Bringing in the New Year with super strict bondage 

Sexy MILF Gigi is all dressed and ready for New Year, am she really wants to bring in the New Year tightly bound, gagged and hogtied. She carries in the ropes and explains how much she enjoys being tightly bound and gagged as she ties a crotch rope between her legs. She laughs at how tight she has tied the crotch rope, maybe a little too tight. Then she bind her knees and booted ankles tightly together. Gigi picks up…


BondageJunkies – Amelia vs. A Notch Up 

It had been far too long since Amelia had been properly tied up. I knew just the thing to do the trick. Gagged tightly a hood goes over her head blocking out all vision as well. Amelia’s arms are cinched into a straitjacket and it’s all sealed together with a stiff collar. To make things interesting her legs are cuffed around a pole and her collar locked as well to keep her upright.


BondageJunkies – Amy vs. The Forced Experiment 

Amy decides to try to give the whole forced orgasm experiment a whirl this week. Well aware of the effect the wand has on her she’s still confident she can remain in control. Rigged to the couch with rope and a penis gag the experiment begins. As per usual with these experiments, the wand starts off low and is looking good for Amy. As so often happens, when the wand is kicked into high the game changes.

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Milah Romanov – Ignored Crush 

A pure, full, totally devoted Hardcore Face Smothering so potent, you’ll be blown away that the individual face seat serving under Milah Romanov is also able to take ANY of this incredible Face Smothering! This is especially real thinking about Milah’s extreme Facesitting Ass! “I swear I’ll do better this moment!”, her face seat exclaims in breathless desperation in one his incredibly uncommon minutes of respite! To which Milah responds: “Oh yeah?! I do not think you !!!” as she…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Edging Salon POV Dream Sequence – Brat Princess 2 

This is a POV clip of being on the milking bench being teased by teasers, Ivory, Kat and Mariah. The clip has a dream like feel with relaxing music and special effects along with the video. Special effects include flying insults, tease views of Jessica, Platinum, Amber, and Nika Venom. Girls laugh at you and tease you in a all-out assault on your b r a i n . Great for Edging and imagining you are on the milking bench!…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination

Macy and Kat – Teased by machine for Hours and Hours Part 5 

The cow is very tired. He has been on the milking bench for hours and hours. He doesn`t think he can take anymore. The girls encourage him to keep going by shocking him with electricity. Kat enjoys riding the cow`s face. She reaches her climax while the cow remains on edge. The cow again begs the teasers to stop. They draw him back in with their wiles and encourage him to do more. The girls begin the end of shift…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Flight Attendant Pantyhose Humiliation 

Ari Parker and Angel lee are on a layover and invited one of the male flight attendant over. What Ari and Angel didn’t tell the male flight attendant is that they have invited him over to humiliate him. They know he is only working on the airline to look at hang around with hot flight attendants all day. So today they decide to kick off there heels and make this loser worship there smelly platino pantyhose soles. To further humiliate…

Female Domination, Latex & Rubber, Pegging, Strap-on

Rubber Dolls Brutal Strap On 

Goddess Tangent has completed her Rubber Doll’s transformation from boy to fuck doll. Tangent only leaves her rubber doll exposed crotch open so his chastised dick is exposed. Tangent wants to take her doll for a ride and see if her parts can be used properly. Tangent bends over her fuck doll and shoves her big black cock in her slut hole. Tangent brutally fucks her fuck dolls ass to make sure it can take whatever she can dish out….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

STROKE TO MY ASS CONDOM feat Astrodomina 

I love wearing my latex pants, and you will too!… Sydney is going to mesmerize you today with her shiny latex ass.. she knows you already love her ass, but you especially love seeing and hearing her ass squeeze into latex, looking like the absolute perfect ass. She says you get to jerk off to it today, but with one condition – you’re going to have to ruin your orgasm! Ready, ass slave? She orders you to start jerking.. as…

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