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Sexy Princess Lily relaxes in her jacuzzi tub as she enjoys a glass of wine. While she talks about her long day and how nice the water feels, the camera pans out to show her slave kneeling at the end of the tub as he gives her a foot massage. Lily turns on the jets and closes her eyes, a perfect scenario for a Goddess. Not a care in the world! After a while, she tells her slave to use his mouth as well, as a good massage requires more than just hands. “Slaves just loving having things in their mouths anyway” she says with a smile. Lily tells the slave he can suck her toes, and when her boyfriend arrives, he can suck his cock as well. “Just until he’s ready to fuck me, then you can come and sit in this tub, as the water should be nice and cold by then” she says, adding “You can listen to us fuck in a way you will never be fucked.” She tells him this will be his reward for a hard week of work – sitting alone in a cold tub of water as he listens to her get fucked. She spoils this bitch!

The slave doesn’t bat an eyelash and is totally lost in his service because he knows this is required if he wants to retain his lofty position as her bathroom slave. Lily has a sore ass from working out and rolls over so the slave can massage her ass cheeks. She has an amazing ass and it would be a shame for you not to see it, and of course it drives the slave crazy, too, especially when she tells him this is the same position she’ll be in when her boyfriend fucks her. The slave spreads her cheeks and brazenly admires her puckered pink hole. “The only difference is that he’ll be grabbing me by the hips and sticking his cock inside me” Lily says. She tells the slave that the ass massage will help her relax for her boyfriend because she’s getting excited just thinking about him. “It kind of gives me a little pleasure knowing you’ll be in here, cold and alone, wishing you were the one who could fuck me. hearing it all, but knowing you’ll never be able to do what he does.” Such is life for a slave!

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