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Stella Liberty and Helena Price are celebrating the end of another semester. After drinking a couple glasses of wine, they admit to each other that they both have been giving some “extracurricular” attention to some of their students in the bedroom. They decide to call over a couple of their star pupils to come and play. Helena soon finds out that Stella’s relationship with her student is a little different. Stella’s pet is not very experienced and has a tiny cock. He pleases and entertains her in other ways than with his dick. Stella orders her submissive bitch to get on his knees and worship her feet. Helena likes what she sees and orders her student to do the same. Reluctantly, he submits and they both suck and lick the ladies’ feet. After they are done worshipping Helena and Stella’s feet the guys are made to strip and put on slave collars. Stella has her slave fuck Helena with a dildo gag. Then Stella’s slave is forced to watch Helena give her student a blow job and swallow his cum. To add to his humiliation, he is forced to watch Helena’s pupil fuck her and clean his cum from her pussy when they are finished. Just when they are finishing their kinky games, Mr. Valentine, the Dean, barges into the room. He begins yelling and tells the guys to leave. Before he can chastise the ladies, they inform him that they know his dirty secret! Mr. Valentine loves dressing up like a sissy and being treated like a whore. First, they give him a hard paddling to teach him a lesson. Then, they spit roast him. Helena fucks his slutty ass while Stella forces him to continue to suck her cock. When they are finished making Mr. valentine their slut, they show him the pictures they have of him. It looks like next semester will be the best semester ever!

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