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Slave Bound In Latex From Head To Toe Is Sexually Used Before Orgasmic Release 

Ashley Fires has her servant bound head to toe in a latex sleepsack as she begins teasing and also tormenting him. Ashley gets rid of Fluffy’s gag as well as utilizes his mouth for sexual satisfaction and also attains several climaxes using a mix of Fluffy’s tongue, face and a Hitachi. After Ashley felt pleased with Fluffy’s work on satisfying her, she started unzipping the part of the sleepsack that exposes Fluffy’s chastity covered penis. Now its time to compensate…


SensualPain – October 2, 2019 – Hooked | Abigail Dupree 

On the Hook Impalement, the Ass Hook is a symbolized representation of the flesh hooks used to retain prisoners. Particularly the ones that have escaped imprisonment repeatedly. During the times when torture was not only justice but encouraged by . It was not uncommon for the prison warden to accept currency or favors from particular men or women with sadistic tastes to watch, have strong urges to participate in the tortures and devising elaborate devices to prolong the pain for…

CBT & Ballbusting, Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Oral & Asslicking

BratPrincess – Put On The Chastity And Lick – Macy Cartel 

Macy demands that her cuck slave put on a strict metal chastity device. Her slave, Marcello, complains and doesn’t understand why. Macy tells him that she is sick of looking at his nasty little erection. She won’t let him be around her unless he agrees to wear chastity. Marcello has some concern about Macy losing the key to the device’s lock but agrees to wear it for her. Once Marcello is in the device Macy takes a few humiliating photos…

Oral & Asslicking, Strap-on

SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch (Full Movie) 

Goddess Kiki has her submissive sissy cleaning her house today. Kiki appreciates the good job that her sissy has done cleaning so she decides to have some fun! Goddess Kiki’s sissy bitch is wearing a hot pink dress, a pink collar and has a chastity cage locking up his little cock. Goddess Kiki begins the fun by teasing her locked slut with her pussy. The party continues as she makes him worship her ass. Imagine how much agony the sissy…

Face Dildo, Female Domination

SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 5: Chindo Pleasure 

Goddess Kiki is relaxing outside on the patio. She has her bitch cleaning the pool. She has made him change from the tight hot pink dress and collar into a tight aqua dress and collar. After a little while laying on the lounge chair, Goddess Kiki gets horny. She calls her sissy pool boy over and takes out a surprise for him. She has a dildo gag that she will force her slave to please her with. Goddess Kiki spreads…

Female Domination

SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 4: Squirt On His Face 

The dildo was nice but Goddess Kiki wants more! She commands her bitch to bring over her Hitachi vibrator. She also makes him put plastic dick sucking lips on so that he can drink all of her juices that are going to squirt out while using her Hitachi. The sissy kneels down before his goddess, still wearing his hot pink dress, chastity cage, pink collar and his dick sucking lips. Goddess Kiki lays back and spreads her legs, letting her…

Female Domination

SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 1: Chastity Tease 

Goddess Kiki has her submissive sissy cleaning her house today! He is wearing a tight sexy pink dress and has his cock locked up in a chastity cage. Goddess Kiki notices that he is doing a good job with his chores so she decides to give her sissy a reward. She begins to give his locked up cock some attention! Kiki is going to tease her bitch until he literally can’t take it anymore. Imagine having the gorgeous hot body…

Pegging, Strap-on

SubbyHubby – Becoming Joslyn’s Bitch (Full Movie) 

Joslyn’s husband is a complete douchebag. He has been taking her for granted for years. Tonight he forgot that it was date night. That was the last straw for Joslyn! If things don’t change right now then the marriage is over. Her husband agrees to do anything to keep their marriage. Little does he know that Joslyn already has plans. She forces her husband to be her slave and do anything that she wants. Tonight he will have to worship…

Cuckolding, Female Domination, Legwear Worship & Smelling

SubbyHubby – Becoming Joslyn’s Bitch Part 4: BBC Fucking 

The time has come for Goddess Joslyn’s husband to watch up close how a real man fucks his wife’s pussy. He must suffer through the humiliation of his boss, Mr. Slayer, slaying his wife with his giant sized black cock. Joslyn looks so hot, wearing red lingerie and red stockings, as she bounces up and down on her man’s BBC with joy. Her husband never came close to pleasing her this way. To make sure her husband is totally degraded…

Blowjob, Cuckolding, Female Domination

SubbyHubby – Becoming Joslyn’s Bitch Part 3: BBC Blow Job 

Joslyn’s husband has been a jerk for years. Today is the day that Joslyn has had enough of his crap. If he wants to stay married then he will have to become her bitch and do anything that she says. He has done a good job so far but now comes the real test. Joslyn invites his boss Mr. Slayer over. She shows her kneeling husband, Mr. Slayer’s huge black cock, and informs him that she has been fucking Mr….


SubbyHubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 4: Her Better Lover 

Mistress Sully Savage decides that it is time to bring home a real cock, from a real man. Sully Savage verbally shreds her cuck husband, as he kneels before her, watching in horror as she kisses her bull. Sully Savage, hungry for the cock, throws her bull on the couch and rides him as her cuck husband has an upfront view of his wife getting fucked by her bull. Her cuck watches, so close that Sully Savage’s ass smacks her…

Cuckolding, Foot Worship, Handjob & Milking, Small Penis Humiliation, Spanking & Whipping

SubbyHubby – Teachers’ Pets (Full Movie) 

Stella Liberty and Helena Price are celebrating the end of another semester. After drinking a couple glasses of wine, they admit to each other that they both have been giving some “extracurricular” attention to some of their students in the bedroom. They decide to call over a couple of their star pupils to come and play. Helena soon finds out that Stella’s relationship with her student is a little different. Stella’s pet is not very experienced and has a tiny…

Female Domination

SubbyHubby – Becoming Joslyn’s Bitch Part 2: Pussy Tease 

Goddess Joslyn is training her chauvinistic husband to be her bitch. She has already made him worship her feet. Now he is being forced to watch her pleasure herself with her toy that has kept their marriage together for the last ten years. He will have to watch her cum all over her Hitachi vibrator and then clean it up with his tongue. As if that isn’t humiliating enough, she warns him that if he really wants to keep their…

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