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Kandy has her thirsty slave in the forest and he is thirsty. She spits on his face and then decides it’s time to use him as her forest toilet. There’s no toilet in the forest so Kandy has to go somewhere and she doesn’t want to confuse the bears in the forest by leaving her mark there. Besides slaves are basically toilet anyway, so she pulls down her pants and sits on his face. The slave is soon eagerly licking her ass which she likes because it helps loosen her up, it’s sort of like preparing his meal. Kandy’s ass looks amazing as always and the slaves tongue darts between the crack of her ass.

Kandy points out a near by tampon that was left a few days earlier by her friend Bellatrix. Kandy sits full weight and she comments that her ass is sweaty as the city is experiencing a heat wave. Kandy is impressed with his ability to hold his breath but naturally he eventually needs air and starts to kick. Kandy tells him he will only eat what comes from her and maybe his own cum if he’s lucky. “His tongue is working, it’s going so fast” she comments. She again sits down for a long sit before getting up and completely removing her pants. What she has planned she doesn’t want her clean pants around. Again she sits on the slaves face and asks if he is ready to eat. “You are nothing but a worthless toilet” she reminds him. Doing it in the great outdoors arouses Kandy and she starts to play with her pussy. “I can’t wait anymore, open up” she tells him.

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