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Sasha has called in an engineer because her telephone isn’t working. He says he can’t fix it until he returns the following day with some parts, but he still asks for his call-out fee. The three girls are less than impressed and tell him they can work something out but when they sit him down and start rubbing his trousers seductively, they find he has very little in there! They strip him off against his will and then giggle at his lack of a bulge. When his underwear comes off they laugh even more at his small cock and Sasha even describes it as a “Borrowers” cock after the Disney movie featuring tiny people. The three girls start taking turns to wank the tiny penis while laughing and mocking him for his lack of size. They tell him his little willy would never satisfy any of them but this seems to turn him on and he starts cumming – which makes them laugh at him even more!

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