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PureCFNM – Seeing Pink – Ava Austen, Georgie Lyall 

When Ava and Georgie catch a male friend jerking off to a porn mag they want to know what was turning him on so much. He says he is obsessed with pussy so, to tease him, they flash him theirs! Staring at their beautiful cunts makes him horny and he starts jerking in front of them again. The girls then want a feel themselves and kneel down next to him and take turns to wank his huge dick. When they…


Pure CFNM – Locker Room Bullies 

  The college nerd has just walked into the changing room when three bitchy netball girls pounce on him. They make fun of him, calling him a virgin saying he must have a tiny cock – then they decide to find out! Ignoring his protests they strip him naked and pull his hands apart to expose his cock. As they play with it his dick grows and grows until they are quite impressed. They take turns milking the young cock…


PureCFNM – Wildest Thing Ever 

  Four friends are discussing the wildest things they have ever done in their lives. Justin admits he once did a striptease in front of 100 women for charity! When he says he even still has the strippers thong he used, the girls insist on seeing him in action. He reluctantly does a striptease as the girls get more and more raucous clawing at him and ripping his clothes off to get to his throbbing dick. They then take turns…


CfnmTV – Facebooked 4 | Release Date: Jun 15, 2017 

  Lust can be a very dangerous thing. It can lead those in its thrall into very awkward positions. For someone as naive as Martin Lilley it’s easy to get into very serious trouble. Already he’s been caught naked in the photography room and made to pose nude for his female classmates. But if he thought that was bad, he’s about to learn there are far worse things than being unclothed in front of two college girls.


CfnmTV – The Ambassador`s Luncheon 10 | Release Date: Jun 13, 2017 

  Rose has finally dismissed her two waiters – allowing them some time to recover from their tremendous physical exertion. Some time ago the Russian ambassador Irena demanded to see her head of security Paul Rees. The tall brooding man has arrived, wondering why he has been summoned. Rose must now persuade him to strip naked and present his body to the assembled women.


Facebooked 3 – CfnmTV | Release Date: Jun 8, 2017 

  PART 3: Being a naturally shy boy, Martin isn’t comfortable with being naked. Especially somewhere as public as the photography studio at college – with the sounds of people chattering and laughing as they hurry along the corridor outside. It’s only the lust he feels for Vivien Rebus that drives him to strip off and try to take photos of himself nude. His plan to quickly do some shots and be out before anyone discovers him has gone awry…


Parents Evening 6 – CfnmTV | Release Date: Jun 5, 2017 

  There’s nothing like being back at school to regress a grown man right back to his boyhood. When Mr Turner swaggered into the assembly hall with his son Barry he was totally self confident. But some time in the domineering presence of the stern Miss Holten has made him meekly compliant. Now fighting back the tears, he must dutifully accept his punishment no matter how painful and humiliating.


Facebooked 2 – CfnmTV | Release Date: Jun 01, 2017 

  Despite his best efforts to appear grown-up and sophisticated in front of the confident woman, Martin feels clumsy and totally out of his depth. He’s fantasised many times about what he would do with a sexy, mature lady if he had the chance. But now it’s actually happening he can barely speak – struck dumb by the enormity of it all. He cannot believe that the beautiful Vivien Rebus is in his house!

Oral & Asslicking, Strap-on

Kenzie Reeves – Bratty Stepdaughter Trains Stepfather and Stepbrother – Subby Hubby | Release Date: Jun 02, 2017 

  Blonde Goddess Kenzie Reeves doesn’t want to take the sad little scooter to school. She wants a car, and since her stepfather is getting a new car, she thinks she should be able to have the old one. Kenzie’s stepdaddy just needs a little convincing. Kenzie peels off her little jean shorts to show off her shaved 18 year old pussy. Kenzie knows her pervy little stepfather wants to taste her tight pussy, but he hasn’t given her the…


The Ambassador`s Luncheon 9 – CfnmTV | Release Date: May 30, 2017 

  The powerful female Ambassadors that are attending Rose Edward’s sumptuous luncheon are having the time of their lives. They’ve seen more boy-on-boy action today than they’ve ever seen in their lives! Bobby and Toby are working especially hard to ensure the discerning women are kept entertained. But the day is far from over and there will be more demands placed on them.


Facebooked 1 – CfnmTV | Release Date: May 26, 2017 

  Young people these days are obsessed with social networking. Their lives revolve around their online personas and the myriad ways of keeping in touch with friends. For a hormonally driven young lad there is also the chance of making some hot new female friends on the internet. But making the jump from an online fantasy to real life can be fraught with danger as one naive student is about to find out…


Parents Evening 5 – CfnmTV | Release Date: May 23, 2017 

  PART 5: Tough tattoo artists Mr Turner is in shock. Having turned up to the parents’ evening with his son Barry, he never expected that he would end up stripped naked by his old teachers. But if he wants to get his exam certificates from the school, he’ll have to submit to the outstanding punishments on his records. For such a macho man, being controlled by a group of women is a new and terrifying experience.


Office Joker Part 3 – CfnmTV | Release Date: May 18, 2017 

  PART 3: Cocky Michael is terrified now that he’s completely exposed in the little bath while being filmed. His mankini is in tatters and the women hold him down while camerawoman Alexandra focuses in on his cock, filming it for the entire country to watch on live television.


The Ambassador`s Luncheon 8 – CfnmTV | Release Date: May 16, 2017 

  Young waiters Bobby Tyler and Toby Furlow are being put through their paces at the Ambassador’s Luncheon. They are expected to do their bit to ensure the success of the event. But neither of them are quite prepared for the women’s insatiable appetite for boy-on-boy action. No matter how disgusting they find it, they must do their duty by their boss, and by their country.


Amber Deen, Antonia Sainz, Tina Kay – Paralysis Cure – Pure CFNM | Release Date: March 24, 2017 

  Luke is paralyzed from the waist up and three nurses are today starting his treatment. They begin by resuscitating the nerves around the groin and will then move up a bit each day. The young nurses giggle as his robe is lifted and they see his beautiful cock. As they take turns to play with it the cock grows bigger and bigger. Soon all three girls are taking turns to suck it and when they join forces for a…


CfnmTV – Parents Evening 4 

  Barry isn’t the only member of his family to have been a constant nuisance to the teachers of St Dunstan’s. It seems the wayward young man was only following in his father’s footsteps. But just because he’s no longer a pupil at the school, it doesn’t mean Mr Turner can escape Miss Holten’s harsh discipline. There are outstanding punishments to be seen to and she intends to se they are carried out.


Lady Voyeurs – Hold The Pose 

  Chloe is drawing her first male nude this morning but as she sketches away she is distracted as the flaccid penis starts twitching. As she stares at it the cock becomes fully erect. She awkwardly asks the guy to hold his pose and he apologizes for his arousal. She tells him to keep it hard so she can finish her sketch and he jerks off in front of her. She opens her legs so he can see her panties…

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