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Hey Little Dick – Donna Derriere, Krystal Niles – Music Lover 

  Simon is trying to give a piano lesson but the girls seem distracted and haven’t been practising their scales since the last class. They are suddenly more interested in the bulge in his trousers than the piano and they ask him if his cock is as big as his tie. The teacher is taken aback but the girl start rubbing the front of his trousers and giggling that there doesn’t seem much there. They undo his trousers and look…


Hey Little Dick – Phone Jacker 

  Sasha has called in an engineer because her telephone isn’t working. He says he can’t fix it until he returns the following day with some parts, but he still asks for his call-out fee. The three girls are less than impressed and tell him they can work something out but when they sit him down and start rubbing his trousers seductively, they find he has very little in there! They strip him off against his will and then giggle…

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Hey Little Dick – Small Repair 

  Red’s washing machine has broken and when the engineer quotes her 250 pounds to fix it she says she doesn’t have the money. Her two friends Sally and Samara say they are sure that they can come to an arrangement – after all they are women of the world and he must have a man’s needs. They start stripping him off but their sexual excitement soon turns to laughter and amazement when they see how small his cock is….

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Hey Little Dick – Kaicee Marie, Katie Raymond – Spam E-mails 

  Office workers Kate and Kaicee catch a male colleague reading an e-mail about penis enlargement pills. He insists they aren’t for him and he was just researching it for a friend but they then find he has written the phone number down so he can ring it later. The girls tell him not to worry and that he can confide in them. They promise not to laugh if he shows them his cock but when he drops his trousers…

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Hey Little Dick – Amber Ashlee, Kim Kennedy, Vicki Chase – Strange Parcel 

  Three girls are relaxing at home when a strange parcel is delivered. The bitchy babes decide it must be for housemate Andy and decide to open it anyway. When they look inside they are shocked to find a penis pump and immediately wonder if he has a small dick. When Andy comes in the girls tease him but he denies it and says he has a big cock and the parcel must be a mistake. The girls decide to…


Hey Little Dick – Kaicee Marie, Katie Raymond – Strip Poker 

  When Kaicee suggest a game of strip poker, Graham jumps at the chance thinking he is going to win and see both the girls naked. Unfortunately the cards go against him and, although the girls take a few items off, he is soon down to just his underwear. He loses again and when he pulls his pants down the girls look shocked and then start laughing at how small his cock is. Kaicee holds a playing card next to…

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Hey Little Dick – Michelle Moist, Nikita Law – Swimwear Model 

  Brian is trying to sell his new range of male swimwear to seniors buyers Michelle and Nikita. He tells them it enhances the male bulge and looks great at the beach. The girls aren’t convinced though and, as their model hasn’t turned up, they persuade Brian to model the shorts if he wants to get the sale. However, when he walks back in the girls don’t think his package has been enhanced at all. When Brian explains that actually…

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Hey Little Dick – Tammie Lee – Why is it so small? 

  Beautiful leggy brunette Tammie has enjoyed the dinner you just bought her and is looking for to riding your big dick – but when you drop your trousers and she sees your tiny cock, it’s clear that’s the last thing she is going to let happen! “My dog has a bigger dick than you and he’s only a little Jack Russell” she laughs. She proceeds to humiliate you for being inadequate and tells you over and over again how…

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