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“Now, bitch, I want to see your ass,” I command as this dumb whore kneels naked before me. She’s cheated on her husband, has come to me for punishment, and I show no mercy as I drizzle her with hot wax from two burning candles. Her bare back is completely covered in it, but I’m still not satisfied and drip more of the scalding wax all over her nude bottom. She squirms in pain, unable to stay still as I torture her with the lit candles. With her hands secured behind her back, she’s unable to defend herself as I maniacally pour even more wax directly onto her asshole. “Down!” I yell when she dare attempt to rise to her knees. I laugh at her misery while I repeatedly burn her, loving every second of her agony. With the wax now dry, I take out one of my many whips and begin lashing her back. Pieces of dried wax fly across the room as I relentlessly strike her while making her thank me. “Ass up!” I scream when she hunkers down in pain. Out of fear, she does as told and presents her bottom to me so I can lash it over and over again without holding back. I teach this dirty whore a lesson she won’t soon forget!

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