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BeltBound – The incredible Ariel Anderssen in a reverse prayer! 

Ariel Anderssen loves extreme poses, and she can do a reverse prayer! Usually she does this in rope, but we don’t see any reason why we can’t do this to her in leather straps! Even Ariel thought this was a little strict, but we just gagged her and kept enjoying the view! A super tall blonde bondage model in a leather reverse prayer and ballgag! The problem is: it is too good to let her go. So what to do?…


BondageJunkies – Amelia vs. Movie Magic 

Everybody’s seen at least one scene in a movie where someone is kidnapped and bound with duct tape. As bondage aficionados, we also know that when it’s used liberally, there is no escape. Nevertheless, Amelia’s job is to escape the various duct tape binds and see how effective movie bondage really is. Just to ensure that she gives it 100%, the key to her chastity belt is held as her reward, but only if she escapes. For her sake, Amelia…


BondageJunkies – Raven vs Her Escape Dilemma 

When you want to be inescapably tied up but you’re an escape artist, staying bound can be a challenge. Lots of girls claim they can escape from almost anything, but Raven can back up her claims, and quickly did so by escaping a wrist bind. If she wanted tight and inescapable I was going to give it to her. Within minutes her elbows were crushed together. Her neck rope was fed through a ring above and down to her wrists….


BondageJunkies – Viorica vs. Her Special Time 

Viorica wasn’t asking for much, just some time alone with her toys. With the house to herself the handcuffs, chains and Hitachi come out to play. This is not the first she’s dabbled with self-bondage and make sure escape is out of the question without her keys. Laying back on her bed she enjoys her vibe, lost in the sounds of struggling chains. That is, until she has a visitor who steals her keys! Fantasy turned reality as she finds…


CinchedAndSecured – Kitty Kilmore – Pumped, Bound and Desperate To Escape 

Kitty’s in for another rough night! Bound in a frog tie that leaves her exposed and vulnerable to whatever her captor wants to do, she writhes and struggles on the floor, her cries and groans stifled by the odd gag strapped into her mouth. When her captor returns, he cuts off her panties, and then shows her the very special feature of the gag: an inflatable bladder that can be pumped so large that no only will she not be…


Vintage Girdle Bound MILF Housewives in Bondage 

Stunning silver haired Sandra, curves poured into a full body girdle, is hopped across the 1950s front room – her crossed ankle tie making progress difficult, hindering her hopping, helped along by the hulking hunk who broke into her house! He leaves her hogtied on the floor in front of the classic DiD movie playing on the television, to retrieve housewife hostage number two. Lift and carrying petite brunette Gigi into the room he similarly hobbles the vintage shapewear MILF…


BondageJunkies – Hazel vs. The Dollar Challenge 

Using piles of rope, handcuffs, or other restraints pretty much guarantees they won’t be getting free. Most of the time that’s exactly what you want. Unfortunately, when the outcome is known the game isn’t very fun. A challenge I’ve wanted to try for a while is can someone be secured for a dollar or less. Hazel being more than happy to accept the challenge. Using string her thumbs are secured to her nipple piercings. Her fingers, toes, and ankles were…


BondageJunkies – Guide: Kaecie’s Self-Bondage 

Kicking off a new series instructional series on Bondage Junkies, Kaecie will be demonstrating a self-bondage session. Drawing from her experience of private sessions she explains the basics of how to tie yourself up and escape. Of course, no lesson is complete without a demonstration. With her keys across the floor, Kaecie has to struggle in her hogtie to reach them. It’s a task that is more difficult than she expected.


BondageJunkies – Hazel vs. Her Rent Bonus 

Being a cultured chains lady Hazel usually obtain’s needs to link herself up. What they don’t usually included is an incentive deal if she tries to accept details problems. Hazel may run away with ice to get her normal price or include clothespins on her body as well as breasts to launch herself for a bonus deal. If that wasn’t enough, she could select to make use of clover secures as well for an included incentive. Being short on her…


BondageJunkies – Lucy vs. Her White Whale 

For over a year Lucy has been trying to develop the guts to be mummified. The mere thought of it sent her heart auto racing in a panic until today. With her heart racing, she wants to provide it a shot before altering her mind. Heaven pallet wrap takes place swiftly as well as safeguards her arms versus her upper body. Concentrating on taking a breath the remainder of her body is covered up until she is totally stable. Exhilarated…


BondageJunkies – Emily vs. The Chain Puzzle 

Normally when I tie a woman up there’s no securing free up until I say so. From time to time I’ll offer somebody a fighting opportunity and also today was Emily’s lucky day. Her difficulty is simple. Around her are a number of tricks protecting a lengthy chain connected to her collar. To secure free, the tricks are only a few feet away but she needs to unlock the half dozen locks initially. To make it an intriguing difficulty she’s…

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Bound Boy Hops Away On His Knees 

My student Suave is failing. He shows up exhausted and can barely keep his eyes open. I inform him that I am sending his father a bad report and he will be removed from the school. The bearded boy tries to bribe me with money, but that doesn’t interest me at all. I counter with my own proposition and if he complies I won’t tell his father about his poor grades. I tell him it turns me on to tie…


Hardtied – Jun 22, 2016: Play Date | Dresden 

  The fact that Dresden shows up to her play date with O.T. in a tiny dress and no panties tells us that she was hoping to have a good time when she came over. The confused and frightened look on her face when he starts teasing and hurting her tells us that she didn’t know what it was she was signing up for. Maybe she should have looked into that before letting O.T. tie her up to a chair,…

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