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Goddess Vanessa has put out an advertisement for a new servant. Today, the first applicant is coming to Vanessa’s estate for an interview. The potential servant named Gabe enters Vanessa’s house and introduces himself. Vanessa informs him that her servants should be on their knees and that his name is now “the bitch”, Gabe doesn’t exist anymore. Goddess Vanessa goes on to explain that the bitch will have to pass all of her tests to become her servant. He will have to go through six phases of training. In addition to the $1000 that he has already sent, he will have to send an additional $200 after every phase of training. Then maybe he will be accepted as Vanessa’s servant. Maybe not! Once the bitch accepts Vanessa’s terms, the training begins! He will be smothered by Vanessa’s ass, forced to breathe in her scent. He will have to worship her feet and smell her shoes. Sucking, licking and rubbing Vanessa’s feet for as long as she wants. He will be forced to dress like a sissy. Complete with a slutty wig, lipstick, lingerie and stockings. The bitch will have to take the pain from Goddess Vanessa’s paddle. He will not only have to take the pain but he will have to beg for it. He will be humiliated by having his asshole completely stretched open by a giant butt plug. Finally, the bitch will take Vanessa big cock. The slut will have to swallow every inch of her giant dick. His ass will be trained to swallow her cock. He will have to beg for her cock through his tears of pain. Lastly he will have to clean his filth off his Goddess’s cock with his tongue. After all that pain, suffering and humiliation. After spending every dime that he has on his Goddess. He might become her servant.

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