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SensualPain – Anonymous In Black | Abigail Dupree 

Confidential In Black – This could be any individual, your neighbor, your teacher, your legislator, your sis. You just do not know. This servant is just a sexual item, black out without identity. A remarkable scene unfolds as this women sex slave is placed in wicked restraints with all three holes readily available for the taking distinguish by the only pink holes peaking via black are the mouth and one more larger hole for the ass. Master James has her…


SensualPain – nner circle 50 | Abigail Dupree 

“In the circle” is a metaphor for being in the area, while remaining in a Master ⁄ servant BDSM partnership secretive as well as in around the world public view that has had legal implications. The underworld settlement for such fearlessness as well as honesty extends far and wide … Thanks! If your not inner circle with your BDSM, then your either vanilla. trying too hard or you simply do not know the right people. Slave Abigail has actually been…


QueenSnake – Pong – Jeby 2017 February 18 

I have actually spanked Jeby’s butts, tits and also belly with ping pong paddles up until damaging them on her as well as until she broke down and also virtually fainted. When she hopped on the ground I left her there and also violated her while I was having squirting orgasm.


Assylum – Anal Table Manners – Sailor Luna 

The night before Sailor’s epic session in the padded cell, I invited her to dinner. I had noodles. She had noodles too… from her ass. There was much painal to go along with them. And giant pickle insertions. And ass hair removal via pliers. And piss. She said she needed this. It’s been hard for her to find a sadist who delivers. It was a good meal for them both.


One Ass, Six Versions of Anal Sadist – Sailor Luna 

Sailor has wanted to visit the Assylum for a long time, because she has trouble finding a strict dom to put her in her place. So Dr. Mercies gave her a firm introduction to the Assylum style of hard anal domination. He wore one hat after another, assuming various identities, and made Sailor submit to them all. She got severely ass stretched by pirate Mercies, suspended by gentleman Mercies, worshipped King Mercies’ ass, savagely anally raided by Viking Mercies, beaten…


Assylum – Anal Crazy School (aka P-EYE-NAL) – ANAL CRAZY SCHOOL 

Lexi needed to be punished hard, and Dr. Mercies was feeling extra cruel. So they made this scene together. First, Dr. Mercies came in Lexi’s eyes (after making her tongue-clean his ass, feet, underwear, and the inside of his boots). Then he fed her a piss popsicle while beating her ass with a heavy paddle and his gnarliest set of anal beads. Then he put her in a straightjacket and used soapy lube to fuck her ass until he came…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Serious Images – Bondage Slut 

This is a hot video featuring our friends Mistress Alice, and KinoPayne, and a bondage fiddle from RigidCuff. Many if you have seen RigidCuff fiddles and stocks, both in person and in videos. However, this fiddle is unique because it has a built in locking mechanism and chain pass-through. The chain pass-through allows the fiddle to be easily connected to other gear, or in this case from an overhead winch. Alice uses the fiddle and chain to restrain KikoPayne is…

Pegging, Strap-on

Goddess Eris Temple – Pink Cheeks & Pink Cock 

From the vault of my Raw Femdom Archive: A video of me spanking and fucking my bent over slave! First I start him out with some spanking warm ups, making his bare cheeks turn pink and listening to his moans as he takes each paddle and swipe. Then it’s time to pull down that slutty pink thong of his and stretch that ass with my shiny pink dildo! All these cute pink things are perfect stimulation for a little bitch…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – Ping Pong – Holly 2019 October 19 

Based on the idea of my previous Catapult movie we built a similar device to shoot Holly’s butts, belly and tits with ping pong balls. As a result of this game she had some lovely nice red circle patterns on her body. In the last part of the movie I also broke some ping pong paddles on her hard butts.

Spanking & Whipping

Clubdom – Janna Hicks Punished Spanking Bitch 

Janna Hicks is fed up with her mouthy slut. He is due for a spanking. Plain and, simple. She brings out a wooden paddle and, blisters his ass, turning it from pure white to cherry red. As the slut whimpers, Miss Janna decides he hasn’t quite learned his lesson. She puts anal beads in his ass. She begins pulling the beads out, one by one, with every stroke of the paddle. This boy needs to learn his lesson and, Janna…

Spanking & Whipping, Strap-on

SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant (Entire Movie) 

Goddess Vanessa has put out an advertisement for a new servant. Today, the first applicant is coming to Vanessa’s estate for an interview. The potential servant named Gabe enters Vanessa’s house and introduces himself. Vanessa informs him that her servants should be on their knees and that his name is now “the bitch”, Gabe doesn’t exist anymore. Goddess Vanessa goes on to explain that the bitch will have to pass all of her tests to become her servant. He will…

Spanking & Whipping

SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 4: Paddling 

Goddess Vanessa is checking her bank account and finds out that the bitch’s first two payments have cleared but the third one is still pending. Before the bitch can move on to the fourth phase of becoming Vanessa’s servant, the funds must clear. Goddess is going to stretch out her sissy’s ass but now she has decided to paddle his ass first. Goddess Vanessa has her sissified bitch bend over her office table to receive his beating. Using her leather…

Male Insertions, Strap-on

SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 5: Ass Stretching 

Goddess Vanessa wants to know if her sissy bitch is ready for phase 5 of his servant training. The bitch says yes, but Goddess Vanessa isn’t so sure. She is wearing a huge black cock that she is about to pound her sissy with, but first she wants to beat his ass some more. She already punished his bare bottom with her small leather paddle. But her servants need to be able to take more pain that that! She is…

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