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In the clip OMG you Ripped Them we see how Mistress Damazonia’s slave fucked up and ripped her designer pantyhose. There is a price to pay and as this scene opens we see she has the bad slave secured on the bench/cage for a good old fashioned flogging. First she takes the torn pantyhose and stuffs them in his mouth before taping his mouth shut with duct tape. The slave is already shaking because he knows when it comes to Mistress Damazonia she has no compassion. The slave fucked up and it’s her duty to make him suffer for it. She starts with a flogger and warms him up with about 10 strokes but then the party is over. Each stroke gets harder and harder and soon the slave is screaming and squirming on the bench. Next she switches to a thick leather paddle and this time no warm up. The slave turns and twists and brings his foot up on the cage to escape the punishment and she decides she has to cuff his ankles to the bench, as well.

Now that he is completely secured she switches to a crop. This gets really intense and the slave really screams and hollers but it just makes Damazonia more angry. She reaches between his legs and squeezes his cock and balls and reminds him that he belongs to her and will take the punishment at which point she resumes cropping him. The slave is now nicely marked up and Damazonia laughs and says “Okay the warmup is done.”

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