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CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Beta Boy Destroyer – Mistress Damazonia 

Amazon Mistress Damazonia towers over her little male of a slave putting anxiety into his eyes as she is using her favorite pair of ballbusting boots. When she places on those leather boots after that you recognize she means business and wishes to damage a guy’s rounds today. Girlfriend Damazonia draws her weak slave out of his cage and unleashes on his balls by kicking, kneeing and punching them into oblivion.

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

Clubstiletto – You’ll Be Begging Everyone To Fuck You Harder – Mistress Damazonia 

Mistress Damazonia is relaxing after offering her slut a good fuck. She is using him as a foot stool as well as states she is disappointed since after just 10 minutes of piercing his butt he was already begging for mercy. Just how will he ever before deal with a complete day of being fucked by males. At the very least he is an ample footstool yet there’s no shortage of servants that can do that, she requires a bitch…

Flogging, Spanking & Whipping

Clubstiletto – Her Pleasure, his Pain – Mistress Damazonia 

Mistress Damazonia has her pig servant bound to the ceiling by his wrists with a 5 pound weight hanging from his balls. He is defenseless and she will certainly make him suffer. She begins with a natural leather whip as well as quickly is working her magic on his back and also butt. As the flogging heightens the servant begins to cry out and thrash around. “Stop moving a lot” she warns him and afterwards begins flogging him also harder….

Female Domination, Pegging, Strap-on

FemdomEmpire – Amazon Ass Breaker – Mistress Damazonia 

Mistress Damazonia just fucks one method. which’s to extend as well as fuck her slave’s limited hole till she can fit a truck deep inside it. Damazonia towers over her bitch of a guy as she rams her XL size poor dragon cock down in his ass till every knot has actually been engulfed. She has actually educated her servant to enjoy penis equally as much as she enjoys fucking butt however up previously it has never ever been this…

Pegging, Strap-on

Clubstiletto – You’re Going To Be A Cum Dumpster – Mistress Damazonia 

What a fantastic view as Damazonia stands 6’8″ high in her high heeled boots. The servant groans that it hurts too much however Damazonia simply laughs, she has rarely begun yet. She gets her pace and also motivates him by weakening him even more as well as claims he’s being trained to take 20 males a day. “They will certainly all cum in your slutty asshole” she tells him, including “You’re a cum dumpster, an ass whore.” She fucks him…

Female Domination, Trampling

Clubstiletto – Trampled by Amazon Mistress Damazonia Mistress Damazonia has her boot on her slaves head, as she remains on her chair and hehe lays at her feet. “Shall I offer you a lobotomy?” she asks him as she presses the 7″ heel right into his head. The slave fidgets and also doesn’t move an inch. She decides to see if he can handle her complete weight. She presses her sole and heel right into his upper body initially and after that steps up onto him….

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

FemdomEmpire – Amazon’s Cum Dump – Mistress Damazonia 

Girlfriend Damazonia desires you to become her very own orgasm dump to ceremony around in all her parties. Soon you will be swallowing all the young boy’s lots yet initial she will ease you into your new role. You are going to be a good servant as well as raise your legs over your head so you can fire a warm tons of orgasm straight into your throat. There will be no backing out as once you cum it is…

Shemale & Ladyboy

Clubstiletto – How she Became the Office slut – Mistress Damazonia 

Damazonia is tipped off that her brand-new worker is kinky as well as when she sees SM written in the edge of her T-shirt she recognizes without a doubt. She pulls up her t-shirt to expose that Natalie is using a kinky as well as revealing natural leather clothing underneath. She quickly has actually Natalie disrobed, and also on her desk, positioned in chastity, and while fucking her with a strapon informs her exactly how she will be used to…

Shemale & Ladyboy

Clubstiletto – My Employee of the Month – Mistress Damazonia, Natalie Mars 

Natalie has rarely started work at her brand-new office job and also Damazonia has already obtained her on her innovative training program as director of customer services. She anticipates Natalie to maintain consumers pleased which indicates being stretched vast to take cock on demand. Natalie assumed she was mosting likely to be the secretary however to please her boss she is doing whatever she can to protect her work and also future pay raises. Today Damazonia has actually removed all…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Clubstiletto – The Experimental Treatments Are The Most Fun 

Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine love tinkering together with their own subjects. They have been analyzing the nervous system with that one. They smoke at any office, also make use of the patient being an ash tray – his mouth, testicles and penis get ashes and embers. Some burn marks do not hurt ! Next, heated needles have been employed into his balls and cock, since he proceeds to function as an ash tray. Finally, he’s appeared with Damazonia’s smoke…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Latex & Rubber

Sound and Taste of Cum and Pain – Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix 

What’s my sub to do when restrained by two dominant bitches who have no desire to hold his hand and talk about his feelings? A massive dose of CBT by myself and Damazonia is followed by instructions to cum…with a large rod down his urethra. After he swallowed her spit and my sound he is faced with the ultimate challenge: eat his own cum or get the beats from the most sadistic dominatrixes.

Female Domination, Spanking & Whipping

Clubstiletto – Scream As Much As You Want – Mistress Damazonia 

Amazon Mistress Damazonia has captured another worm to be her permanent prisoner, never allowed outside her dungeon walls. She has him secured to her discipline chair and she explains to him that she is a sadistic and powerful woman and he is now completely at her mercy. “I plan on putting some marks on your body” she tells him as she wraps a chain around his neck. Damazonia tells the slave he will suffer for her, to do so is…

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