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Fixing Junior is a never ending job for Kandy and today is no different. To humiliate Junior she dressed him in a pretty pink apron and has been forcing him to drag a 10 pound weight around the house by his nuts. “What would the old man think?” she asks Junior, knowing full well that he would probably toss Junior out of the house and out of the will if he saw what Junior was subjecting himself to. There is no escape for Junior though as step-mommy has lots of blackmail material and Junior through his training has become addicted to Kandy, she is all he wants and he will do anything she asks.

Kandy tells Junior she always wanted a daughter but ended up with Junior so today he will be her little girl. As Junior sort of talked back to her yesterday today he is going to get a hard spanking along with the weights on his balls. She has Junior go over her knee and proceeds to give him a good hard spanking. her hand and her wooden paddle. Kandy tells Junior she only wants to hear two things from him, Yes Muhme and Thank You Muhme. Junior has a nice pink ass by the time Kandy is done and look how closely it matches his pink apron, so sweet. If you’ve imagined being verbally humiliated while over Mistress Kandy’s knee this is the clip for you.

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