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You wake up trapped, hooded, naked, bent over a chair, in an unknown room. A beautiful woman looks you in the eyes, grabs you by the balls and tells you, “I want that password.”

You knew that working in the Pentagon would come with its own problems. With the nation’s security and secrets controlled by a Top Secret few, your bosses told you that most problems didn’t come from technology. They came from people. People were weak. People were easily tricked, hacked, and broken.

And here you were, with a strange woman threatening you for your country’s secrets. You thought you could be strong.

She knew better. Because she knew that secrets could be easily broken. Men could be easily broken. You don’t need high tech equipment, you don’t need money or glory sometimes, all you need to do is to torture the fucker.

So she started with the whip. A painfully heavy dragontail whip. She told you she could break you down until she got what she wanted. You were her prisoner of war, and she would tear you down bit by bit until she got exactly what she want…

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