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I have you crawling on all fours at the end of My chain leash after My magnificent leather boots. it’s time for your lunch, servant. you get on a diet plan – you’ll consume only the dust off My boots! you are lucky to also have the opportunity of sampling My unclean natural leather boots with your unworthy tongue, lick My soles eagerly like the pitiful boot bitch you are. While you get on your knees worshipping My boots, I loosen up as well as light a cigarette. you are obtaining distracted at My magnificent smoking charm, My spiritual smoke blowing in your face. The combination of My red lips and also natural leather gloves deepens your stimulation. I am really feeling charitable as well as decide to allow you to eat My ash as well! I flick My warm ash right into your wide open mouth as I am smoking cigarettes, making you lick any ash dropped on the floor. I bless you with My spiritual spit, lick it off My boot heel! Currently protrude your tongue for Me to place My burning cigarette out on, I grin sadistically as you ingest it for Me. Fortunate smoke as well as leather slave! Kiss My soles and thank Me.

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