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Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

YoungGoddessKim – Boot Bitch Edged And Denied 

My powerful boots command complete devotion and obedience from this boot bitch on all fours before Me. it is desperate to worship every inch to please Me. At first I only permit the lowly boot worm to kiss and lick the floor beneath My boot soles. it must always start at the very bottom, where it belongs. Then it may lick My heel as I stand above, inspecting. I am in a teasing mood and I want to be amused,…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

YoungGoddessKim: House Slave Valet 

I ordered the house slave to remain knelt at My front door when I left this morning, so that when I return it is ready to be used as My valet. it looks so timid and pathetic when I pull up in the driveway, it is naked on all fours and locked in chastity. I rev and snap My gloved fingers, summoning it to open My door. First, it will greet Me properly, then use its rag slave tongue to…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Young Goddess Kim: Too Hot To Handle Joi 

Kneel before Me and present your cock and balls to Me as My toys to play with! you have been edging all day for Me without release. But before you have My permission to cum, you have to follow My instructions. you’ll need a gag, clothespins and some lube… No not the average kind – you’ll be using IcyHot as lube! (May be substituted with Deep Heat, Toothpaste, Tiger Balm or even hot sauce). Now that you have it all…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Young Goddess Kim: The Real Ruin 

At the end of My chain and crawling behind My divine feet, the servant kisses the ground I walk on. I totally own this things as well as can do with it as I please – what a fortunate toy. I’ve chosen to grant it the significant honour and also privilege of being secured in chastity for Me once more this year. However by the time it’s licking My soles as I use it as My stool, it’s pitiful cock…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination, Foot Jobs

YoungGoddessKim: Unlocked – Goddess Kim 

Is it beginning to really feel also limited? When I hang My stiletto over it such as this? And also just how does it feel currently… when I caress your cage with My feet, My touch. Who owns your dick and rounds? Undoubtedly. Rendered speechless as My footstool in chastity. The number of days has it been now because your last climax? Possibly I will certainly unlock you, just for a rest … If you plead and kiss My feet…

Female Domination, Smoking

YoungGoddessKim – Smoke & Leather Slave 

I have you crawling on all fours at the end of My chain leash after My magnificent leather boots. it’s time for your lunch, servant. you get on a diet plan – you’ll consume only the dust off My boots! you are lucky to also have the opportunity of sampling My unclean natural leather boots with your unworthy tongue, lick My soles eagerly like the pitiful boot bitch you are. While you get on your knees worshipping My boots, I…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination, Smoking

YoungGoddessKim: Becoming Ygk’s Foot Slave 

Your wish to be near Me and serve Me in anyway feasible ended up being so solid that you stop your effective career for the honor of becoming My pool boy. And just how lucky you are that you gave it all up for a moment in My visibility. you do alright cleaning My swimming pool, yet I have actually recognized the whole time what you truly wish to thoroughly clean. My gold shoes catch the sunlight as well as…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Young Goddess Kim: “The Goddess And Her Slave” 

The Goddess is getting ready to go out, walks into the room and of course the closet slave is chained and covered in Her hot denim shorts carefully holding up Her Supreme shoes on its open palms. Male objects are useful for many things, and Goddess Kim thoroughly enjoys humiliating the closet slave as She kicks it to Her bed and makes it lay face up to be used as Her human cushion. A lucky boy to wear Her collar,…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Locked & Loaded VI – Goddess Kims Fantasies 

Get all dressed up in your slutty outfit, nylons, heels and chastity belt, sissy. Each training session with Me makes you more and more My sissy bitch. I am going to fully feminize you, I expect you to start adding all the details when you dress. Learn to apply lipstick to your slutty lips and make up too! you are just a little sissy bitch toy to Me. Put your e-stim chastity on and torture that clitty as I make…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

The Experiment II – Goddess Kims Fantasies 

Inspired by: The Experiment I enjoyed the character you played in your extended tease lipstick fetish clip “The Experiment” and would like a sequel if possible. This time the setting is an office – you are a secretary sitting at your desk and in an outfit appropriate for business, but with a short tight skirt, stockings and heels. Your makeup is perfect once again, but as the video begins your lipstick is an innocent pink. You tease expertly by touching…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination, Smoking

Smoking Seductress – Goddess Kims Fantasies 

You are no match for Me, “superhero” – I am the flame! And I have led you straight into My smoking lair. you appear speechless, in awe at My striking beauty and fatal seduction. I create your weakness, I am your kryptonite. you stare at My lips, My smoke, My eyes. Slowly you feel your body becoming heavier and heavier and find yourself losing the urge to resist. you want to give in, you need to give in. Do you…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination, Smoking

Humiliated bitch Taken for a Ride – Goddess Kims Fantasies 

I am your slave and have been serving you for a while now. We do regular cashmeets, where I pick you up in my car, hand you the cash and drive you to the mall for shopping. This time it is going to be different. The video will start off with my POV as I’m sitting in my car waiting for you to arrive. I notice you from a distance walking up to my car you look stunning in your…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Young Goddess Kim: “trampled Beneath Ygk’s Feet” 

Your purpose is to suffer for My pleasure. you’re restrained, completely vulnerable and at My mercy. But you’ll be getting no mercy from Me worm! I’m going to make you suffer in agony for this amazing view. Towering above you tiny insignificant dirt I trample. Standing full weight on your worthless body, I grind My heels deeper into your skin. The sound of your screams only encourage Me more. you better keep still as I trample your body and crush…

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

Young Goddess Kim – Life in slavery 

Caged and locked in chastity, the slave craves to be blessed with the honour of worshipping and serving Me. I am on My way out to a fetish party with My gfs and I decide to use the caged object as My boot shining rag. As it grovels before Me kissing the floor, I make it guess where I am keeping its chastity keys… Haha, I give it a clue as I order it to kiss My divine boot sole….

Female Domination, Shoe & Boots

The Vampire Queen’s Captive – Young Goddess Kim 

The Dark Vampire Queen uses mortal men as slaves to Her desires. At first a captive, the kneeling male is now Her totally devoted servant. Being Her inferior servant, his mind and soul belong to Her. As you watch Her enter and position his head between Her legs, you feel aroused, seeing him content with his place. Being ordered to worship Her boots as She stares at you smiling- you are Her fresh captive tightly chained up naked and ready…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions, Female Domination

Goddess Kims Fantasies – Cum slut sissy Denial 

Watch and worship dressed in your slutty outfit, with your frozen cum cube & Rush. you love sucking your cum cube while I make you sniff Rush over and over again. you’re such a little sissy slut, aren’t you… yes you are! Let all that cum melt over your slutty face and painted lips. Teasing you with My nylon feet as I get you so loaded and begging to cum again… Oh no, sissy slut – you are just going…

Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe & Boots

Young Goddess Kim – The Apparition 

The slave is cleaning in the degrading way Goddess has trained it, sweeping the floor with it’s face. In an empty, still room it proceeds with its duty. Remarkably Goddess Kim appears, draped on the chair in lace, leather, pantyhose and red sole stilettos. When slave realizes Her presence, it is startled and bewildered. Dropping to his face on the floor hailing Goddess Kim. With an amused smile, She removes the broom from its face and orders it to crawl…

Shoe & Boots

Young Goddess Kim: “Wicked Game” 

I am in the mood to play a Wicked Game with My toys. Kneel and await My commands. you see Me open up My “toy box” and get it out. I know, you are quivering with anticipation. I unlock slave from chastity and order you both to touch it – My property! So hard already. Prove your complete surrender. Play My wicked edging game and obey My rules. you are My toys, puppets, to please and amuse Me. I laugh…

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