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It’s Veronica’s first week at college and she’s met a new friend, Natalya. Natalya invites Veronica back to her sorority house and shows her around. The sorority house is full of slaves, each of which has been assigned a specific role. Natalya shows Veronica the ashtray slave. They keep him out in the cold garage of the on-campus house. Natalya explains that they keep the ashtray slave’s face covered because he looks poor. The ashtray slave swallows the cigarette ash of the rich, bratty, girls. This is what happens to puny beta males who get into college with a needs-based scholarship. Wealthy sorority brats turn them into human ashtrays in the opulent sorority house. The girls giggle while they put their cigarettes right out on the financially challenged beta male’s tongue. They even make him chew and swallow the butts.

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