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FemmeFataleFilms – Mistress Fox – My Smoke In Your Face 

Mistress Fox gets smolderingly sexy with her smoke in this human ashtray and spit receptacle slave training session. Thick plumes of exhaled smoke engulf the slave’s face as he is instructed to inhale her deeply. Ash and spit are fed to his open and willing mouth, after which he is given the great honour of worshiping his Mistress’s thigh boots. A smoke and spit fetishist’s dream clip!


Never Disappoint Mistress Gaia 

Mistress is sitting at her desk, wearing a short dress, which highlights her wonderful ass, with a pair of plateau faded feet. you are working on the pc and smoking nervously. Your slave is handcuffed behind the chair, with his head in the middle of your beautiful ass, still covered by your dress. After a couple of minutes, tired and bored, she pulls up your dress, moves your panties and orders your slave to breathe your ass and not to…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Smoking

FemmeFataleFilms – Smoke My Smoke – Miss Zoe 

The slave is secured in a chastity device, with his head clamped in place by his Mistress’s powerful leather clad thighs. He detests smoking, so Miss Zoe decides to test his devotion, by lighting up and blowing her exhales into his open mouth and face. Combining some nipple torment, making him gasp in pain, ensures her exhales penetrate deep into his body. He needs to learn that anything she gives him, should be savored, even if that includes the very…


Natalya And Veronica – Sorority Girls Share Human Ashtray 

It’s Veronica’s first week at college and she’s met a new friend, Natalya. Natalya invites Veronica back to her sorority house and shows her around. The sorority house is full of slaves, each of which has been assigned a specific role. Natalya shows Veronica the ashtray slave. They keep him out in the cold garage of the on-campus house. Natalya explains that they keep the ashtray slave’s face covered because he looks poor. The ashtray slave swallows the cigarette ash…


Dominique Plastique: ladys Ashtray 

Just a little break for a smoke … but with these high class mistresses Dominique Plastique & Cherie Noir it looks quite different. Both of them have a personal footrest and of course there is a human ashtray. The well-behaved slave swallows the ashes – ashtrays get cleaned with the tongue and boners get blown. Cigarettes get stubbed out on the slaves body and the butts wander in the slaves abyss …. .

Smoking, Spitting

FemmeFataleFilms – Permanent Human Ashtray 

We like to keep it real here at FFF and what could be better for smoking fetish fans, than genuine footage of Goddess Dommelia and Mistress Petite enjoying a smoke break between sessions. They relaxed in the summer house, with the permanent human ashtray positioned for convenience between them. They both light up and use their human receptacle to dump their ash, spit and finally their butts into his open orifice. Just to add a little spice to the slave’s…


Chateau-Cuir – Smoking in full leather and gloves 

Fully dressed in leather, I light my cigarette and full the room with smoke. My gloved hands bring my cigarette to my red lipstick mouth, I exhale in your direction. The combination of leather and smoking excites you and you can’t stop watching and stroking to me. You are my smoking slave.


GoddessAlexandraSnow – Smoke It Down to the Filter 

My slave has made derragatory remarks about women who smoke as being “tawdry” and I intend to break this bad habit. I restrain him over a stool with a solid rubber hood encasing his head. The hood only has a small tube for the mouth so he must inhale through this tube if he wants to breathe. I insert a cigarette into this tube and light it, making him inhale over and over. He is forced to smoke each cigarette…

Smoking, Spitting

FemmeFataleFilms – Smoked and Waxed – Goddess Jenilee 

  Goddess Jenilee makes her smoking hot debut for FFF with a movie which left the slave wanting a great deal more, despite the challenging ordeal she put him through! Knowing the slave was a non smoker with a loathing for smokers, Goddess Jenilee took great delight in making him breathe her smoke and eat her ash, although she did feed him plenty of her spit to help wash it all down. Once her smoke break was done, it was…


Mistress Kennya – Bright red lips for My ashtray 

  I love to gag My slaves, the losers don’t need to talk anyway. These bright red lips are perfect to fuck or to serve as an ashtray, you can’t fight anything I shove in there so…this time I will use it for My ashtray and next time…to shove a big dick inside.


House of Sinn – Mistress Saida – Ashtray for a Goddess 

Mistress Saida is a stunning, elegant and sophisticated Goddess, revered and worshipped by all Her miserable male subjects. This one is secured as a service table dutifully holding his Goddess’ premium brand cigarettes in his mouth ready for when She may wish to smoke. His steel encased useless cock twitches in its restrictive metal prison as She seductively applies fresh lipstick to Her full perfect lips.There is no need for a glass ashtray when a slave’s mouth is at a…


Goddess Alexandra Snow – Human Ashtray 

  Mistress Ezada and I decide that this lucky slave needs to learn the powerful lesson of what his ungrateful mouth can be used for. He kneels at our feet as we smoke long, thin cigarettes, blowing the smoke into his face from time to time. He must eat the ash that falls from both cigarettes as well.. but the humiliation does not end there. We decide he should bear the permanent marks on his tongue of our usage and…

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