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Chloe has sent her pathetic chastity slave to Valora, a specialist in behavioral issues. Chloe’s slave that he has been a bad boy. Bad boys try to be in charge. Chloe’s slave needs to learn to give up trying to be in control and give himself over completely to the will of his keyholder. Valora tells Chloe’s slave that she is going to spend their time together to destroy his ego. She wants to take away every remaining shred of dignity. Chloe told her slave that she wants the new TV that he just selfishly bought for himself. She wants to give the slave’s new TV to her boyfriend. She feels that her boyfriend deserves it more. Chloe’s slave refused to give up the TV, and that’s what landed him here with Valora. She’s going to mind wash him so hard today so that in the future he won’t have the ability to EVER refuse his Goddess. This slave will undergo a tabula rasa and will revert to a blank state in which his sense of self has been completely erased. From now on the slave will truly identify as such, a slave and nothing more. He will relinquish all money and possessions to his Owner, Princess Chloe. Chloe will now truly own her slave, body, mind, and soul.

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