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After 6 whole years, Ve nus is finally BACK!! If there’s one good idea that came out of Covid it’s that it obtained her out of retirement. For our 10th Ko Waiver, you men are in for a reward. Ve nus does a total amount of 7 knockouts which includes a TRIPLE back-to-back reverse headscissor ko (no breaks) at the end. This is something we have actually never tried on our internet site prior to as well as needs to not be done without proper safety and security. J ay is horrified of his better half Ve nus (a lot more so when his hands are linked behind him) and he understands what she can so this moment, as opposed to the waiver allowing her to do what she wants, this one prohibits her to do any knockouts. She smirks and also concurs but as quickly as she secures his restrictions, she destroy the agreement and goes on a knockout spree. She’s trained many women over the years just how to scissor as well as emphasized on method which typically leads to KO’s. She has actually come to be a professional in knockouts so J ay is truly fortunate she quit at 7 BUT it’s not over yet. Ve nus leaves him bound and guarantees ahead back for some more knockout enjoyable. Keep tuned!

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