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Female Domination, Scissorhold

Sablique Von Lux – Rematch 

The first time around they contested (Cant Manage Sablique), Sablique not just defeated him, yet additionally humiliated him. Whining regarding having injuries before their very first match, he prepared to take her on this time around. Sablique started giggling, recognizing she is going to make him endure much more! She applies a body scissors to him as she repairs her hair, a failed attack by him, as her long legs locked him limited. Changing to a reverse face sit, a…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

VancouverKinkyDominatrix – Hotel Triple Knockout 

I’m displeased with my hotel. As opposed to the historic lavish space I was anticipating, I got a contemporary room with inexpensive furnishings. At the very least I have human furnishings bound to my bed is capable of taking severe smothering and several scissorholds to the point of passing out. Can he stand the test of time and also come to be a traditional or will he end up in the recycling bin?

Female Domination, Scissorhold

The Knockout Waiver 10 

After 6 whole years, Ve nus is finally BACK!! If there’s one good idea that came out of Covid it’s that it obtained her out of retirement. For our 10th Ko Waiver, you men are in for a reward. Ve nus does a total amount of 7 knockouts which includes a TRIPLE back-to-back reverse headscissor ko (no breaks) at the end. This is something we have actually never tried on our internet site prior to as well as needs to…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

MistressIside – Hard Scissors In The – Mistress Iside 

Beloved Mistress Iside, I have actually been a devoted admirer of your own since a very long time as well as additionally a frequent visitor of your gorgeous store. Your clips are attractive and also usually delight me in the evening. Yet I do not intend to waste your time as well as I come directly to the point: I would such as a personalized video clip with the adhering to plot. You are worn a sophisticated and also sexy…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

BratPrincess2 – Alexis Humiliates Danni With Wrestling Holds 

Alexis is trying to find a battle as well as Danni feels like a simple target. He’s already nude and also in chastity! How difficult could he be to subdue? Cameron and Lola enjoy Alexis placed Danni in tight wrestling accepts her solid legs. Danni can get actually close to Alexis’ pussy while in the leg locks, yet his penis is still locked up! Once Danni is weary Alexis passes him to Cameron. The women all laugh while Cameron pushes…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Trampling For Fun: Wrapped Up In Cling Film 

Siren Vivienne l’Amour. Such a relentless Siren. One more punishment for slave Elvis. This moment he is wrapped up in cling film resting on the cool difficult floor inside the prison cell, so he can’t move too much. Goddess Vivienne is returning to have some fun with him bringing him some crisps, but the crisps will be squashed. Generally servant Elvis will certainly be trampled absolutely complete weight as well as Siren Vivienne looks so stunning standing on him as…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Svdl-1283: Dez Desire’s Savage Scissors 

Gorgeous Amazon charm, Dez Wish, returns to ScissorVixens to demonstrate what type of SKULL-CRUSHING destruction her legs can in SAVAGE SCISSORS fashion! Dez invests a lot of time within the ring for real as a professional wrestler and also MMA fighter as well as when you step within her ring of scissors … there’s mosting likely to be a lot of pain gave out by her lengthy, effective THIGHS! Normally, we try to split the time between two sufferers during…

CBT & Ballbusting, Female Domination

Goddess Gynarchy: Manhood Annihilation 

HARSH! What occurs when two sadistic Dominas get together to have fun with a child whose balls are crying out for a penalty? Siren Serena as well as Girlfriend Paris (the fearful Step-Mother and Step-Daughter duo) take pleasure in extremely damaging their slaves cock and balls in spite of his pleas for them to stop. Leaping, squashing, stomping pulling, slapping, getting hold of, kicking and pressing his little man brains right into complete entry. Any kind of ‘member’ he may…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

AllStarSmother: Sablique Von Lux – You Dream Of Me 

A good night remainder coupled with an imagine Sablique is a number of you long for before going to sleep. How around all that, yet obtaining woken up by her in the middle of the evening? You open your eyes, as she looking down at your drowsy eyes. Using tight red spandex pants, as she about to surround her lovely butt throughout your face. Sablique, flaunts her face resting and also scissorholds as she wakes him up for her enjoyment….

Female Domination, Fighting

Clubstiletto – He’s no match for My Legs – Miss Madison 

Oh my, Miss Madison Rock looks simply magnificent in a hot little bikini as she remains on the actions of the swimming pool. Initially, you might not also observe that she has her foot on her slave’s head while she holds him under the water. When she chooses to allow up, the slave springtimes to the leading and gasps for air. She buys him between her legs but promptly informs him to turn away, to guarantee his slave mouth does…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Clubstiletto – Scissored in the Deep End – Miss XI 

It’s a lovely warm day and we discover Miss Xi in the pool on a flotation tube. her legs wrapped around her servants neck. Well she deals with her leg stamina she has the slave kick his legs to act as an engine. She calls him her little motor watercraft and also informs her to head to the deep end. The servant battles to kick as she is managing how much air he can actually absorb. He sputters and gasps…

BDSM, Scissorhold

Aubrey’s High Pressure Ko 

The stunning goddess Aubrey steps out onto the floor coverings in her gold clothing which consisted of her undergarments, gold top, and gold high heel boots. She is a pressure to reckon with when it comes to bring upon pain. Aubrey is vicious and extensively delights in controling her challengers, especially pressing the life out of them. Her thighs are powerful, and unsafe and also having them wrapped around chadam’s head is right where he does not wish to be…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

ScissorFoxes – Game Night – Level 3 

Mistress’s butt simply keeps obtaining more and more muscle as well as what far better means to invest the evening than to be trapped in between her upper legs, required to look at it while she plays some old computer game. She has him linked and also up (wrists and ankle joints) and also strongly secured an opposite. There’s no way of escaping which really returns to attack him. As some of you may understand, Mario can be an extremely…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

Beauties And Beatdowns: Double Trouble Date 

Dez as well as Rapture both wished to use their slave at the same time, so they make a decision to share him. Dez establishes things off, scissoring his throat in between her powerful thighs. Get in Rapture. who joins her close friend by butt dropping on the slave’s tummy. The two alternate sitting on his face and scissoring him at the same time, taking terrific happiness in his suffering. Dez’s butt declines are calculated as well as ferocious, with…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Scissorhold

Clubstiletto – Xi Scissor Destruction – Miss XI 

This huge slave is little resistance for Miss Xi once she wraps her legs around his neck. She makes him kick till the fight is gone after that gives him time-outs by scrubing her nylon covered feet over his face. She after that does the splits on his neck and things worsen when she starts punching him in the nuts. She leans onward and again wraps her legs around his neck, this time around from on top of him.

Female Domination, Fighting, Scissorhold

UnderMyPrincess – Amirah Scissorhold Front Cam 

He lady was an attractive scout. She was employed to defeat a manager. The one in charge does not know anything. She was wearing a sexy black band bikini attire with a black socks or latex black band swimsuit with black latex boots so as to get near the one in charge since the boss is a masochist and he love to be controlled. At first, she was delighting in to control him given that she assumed she was letting…

Face and Body Sitting Smothering, Female Domination, Scissorhold

FemdomEmpire – The Prostate Drainer – Gigi Allens 

When males first have a prostate climax they fall for anal climaxes, Gigi Allens recognizes exactly how to bleed a prostate properly. She moves her fingers into his opening and applies stress to his male G-spot while stroking his shaft. The slave is overwhelmed with extreme satisfying feelings as her fingers circle his prostate. Gigi stimulates his prostate up until making him appear then feeds him the result.

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