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Tia is a representative from FFA (Femme Fatale Firm). A company where men request their dth under the control of females. Desperate as a result of financial problems, with a proclivity for femme fatales or for any type of reason, if a male becomes part of the FFA, he can be certain he will never leave it alive.

Part 1 – Office welcome (in POV from customer point of view).

Tia is sitting behind her desk and also invites the consumer (POV, as well as we don’t hear him). He is intended to be scared and also Tia begins mentioning basic points … Grinning and warm. She picks client’s dossier and begins to read it. Tia nods, she smiles “A wonderful young person with dth fetishim … I am your lady”. Tia giggles. Tia proceed a professional tone: she is a pro executrix, she understands how to handle his fears … Reviewing his data, he has actually asked for to be facesit and also asphxted. Tia includes she will use a great lingerie attire. They wrap up on the solution: all his items and inheritance for Tia. She offers documents that consumer signs and also repays to Tia. She smiles and finishes with a “Please, follow me to the implementation room”. During this scene, Tia is all-natural, talking without taboos about her work and also how she appreciates having men’ life in her hands.

This time, no more breath for customer. After some time, customer begins to resist his bondage. Struggles get more difficult yet he can not escape and also asphxtes under Tia. Tia also has fun with her finger, rubbing client front. She can also be mild and caress his chest as well as arms. She smiles and also giggles claiming some warm as well as motivating words: “Yes my dear … d for me … Let me feel your last breath … Do not make so much sound … I’m gon na smother you to dth … Shhhh …”. Customers gets lastly still after a long struggle … then convulsions 2 or 3 times and ds. Tia maintains a strong facesitting even if consumer battles as well as make asphx noises … Tia then stands, examine his pulse as well as leaves the space grinning.

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