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Goddess Leena Sky has now had Cameron locked away in chastity for 57 days as she continues using various “marital aids” in an attempt to stay married to him. He begs her to stop, but she refuses and orders him to lick her ass clean before she goes on a date with a man she tells him will be a “big surprise” to him. To frustrate poor Cameron even more, Leena fucks his chastity device, then orders him to lick her pussy while she pleases herself with a vibrator. Leena then orders Cameron to change into a sissy maid outfit and clean the house while she is on her date. When Leena returns, Cameron is shocked to see her with Mr. Halston, his boss at work! Turns out Leena is going to get Cameron a promotion at work by having an affair with him. Poor pathetic Cameron first has to suck his boss’s dick and get a cum load all over his face, then serve as a human lube machine, licking Leena’s pussy and Mr. Halston’s dick while they fuck. To add insult to injury,Leena dumps the cum from Mr. Halston’s condom on his face and orders him to eat even more cum! When Mr. Halston refuses to say when he will give Cameron a promotion, wanting more sex with her first, Leena is furious and slaps him repeatedly until he goes to the ground, continuing the slapping and then putting him into a head scissor hold until he agrees. But now that she is upset, Leena demands new cars for her and Cameron as well! Now that Mr. Halston is also her bitch, Leena has the two pathetic men worship her feet while she files her nails. When her girlfriend calls, Leena tells her all about her exploits for the day and how easy it is for a hot woman to make any man her bitch.

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