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Kenny is being minded by his Auntie Paige while Mammy gallivants via Europe fucking young men. She requires a break from kenny even though she enjoys using him as her major fluffer and bathroom. Now, with simply the two of them in the house, bad kenny breaks down and also relies on his aunt that something isn’t ideal in the household. Auntie pries kenny for information. He starts to sob and also claims he can not also talk to the adorable lady next door since all his interest has to go to Mammy. He states she makes him do strange things as well as he additionally feels he’s too old for spankings however he obtains them daily. He’s so embarrassed that even discussing it is hard. “You can talk to me concerning anything,” Auntie Paige assures him. He begins to provide her more information as the video camera pans in near to their faces. Tears diminish kenny’s face as he recalls the time he was put in Mammy’s room wardrobe. She called him out after he had quietly listened to her make love and he needed to lick all the cum out of her vaginal canal. The cam pulls back as Paige states, “You make it sound like that’s so awful,” and we see that she’s in fact stroking kenny’s very tough penis. “You have to understand, kenny, that we’re a different household,” she states to him. He takes a look at the camera, shrugs, as well as claims, “That is true.”

The scene rolls over as well as now kenny gets on his knees behind a naked Paige that has her ass firmly pushed into his face. “That’s right, kenny; lick that ass,” she gets him. She pulls his hair and remarks that it’s evident he’s been well educated. “I did enjoy your little sob story,” she informs him before she goes on to state that she was in fact the one who educated all the women in the family how to treat men. Some fantastic, close upward shots of Paige obtaining her butt licked and tongued follow. “I have great deals of plans for you, kenny,” she informs him. She states he will certainly now be her commode and also her toilet tissue. The scene rolls over and also we see Auntie relaxing on a bar stool as she enjoys a drink. She calls kenny in on his knees to resume licking her butt. She has him on a leash as well as collar now. She draws her huge butt cheeks apart so he can really obtain his tongue inside her right. She has him return so he can get a good view of her ass and crack (and pussy, as well) prior to she informs him to proceed. She has him ram her butt with his tongue and it obtains her actually switched on. She increases off the chair, offers kenny a little kiss. After that she really gets into it as she kisses him deeply and sticks her tongue down his throat. She allows him suck on her busts and slaps him a few times simply to make sure he knows that’s in charge. She has him check out her pussy and also asks if he wants to lick it. “Have you fantasied regarding fucking your Auntie Paige?” she asks and then allows him kiss the area over her pussy, as well as advises him to beg to lick it. He sticks his tongue out to lick her pussy, yet at the last 2nd she draws his head away. No pussy for kenny; he’s an ass-licker.

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