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As the scene opens we see Goddess Amelia’s slave laying on the hallway floor his wrists cuffed to the store banister. The toilet flushes and Amelia walks out to the hallway with her pants down to her knees. She needs her slave to make sure she is squeaky clean down there. Great face sitting, ass licking and breath play in this clip with super angles of Amelia’s amazing ass. “It’s nice not having to go to the store for toilet paper” she tells him along with other humiliating verbals including the fact he is staying there for the rest of the day and will be used at the party that night as the party toilet.

She makes sure to rub his groin to make sure the activity has him in a high state of arousal. She then eventually extends her legs and rests full weight on his face using the railing as a back rest. The slave kicks desperately, Amelia smiles!

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