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The Incomparable Goddess Lavish is an avid fitness fanatic and has just finished a grueling workout in which She got really sweaty; particularly Her pussy and ass, which She hasn’t washed since yesterday. And why should She? She has a slave to do that for Her, saving precious water and also having the additional benefit of unlimited orgasms on the slave face.

Goddess Lavish is still prone on the weight bench, recovering. She didn’t Bother to change into gym clothes, causing Her to sweat even more. She summons the slave over, who has a camera on his head so She can critique his performance. She expects him to first give Her legs, thighs and ass a nice tongue bath, making sure to lick and suck all of the sweat and old skin from Her sacred body. The slave happily gets to work, licking up and down Her legs, the back of Her slim golden thighs, the curve of Her ass cheeks. It tickles slightly, causing Her to giggle, but when the slave attempts to laugh along with Her She gets very serious and sternly asks the slave

“What the fuck are you laughing at? You’re not here to laugh and joke with me like an equal of some kind – you’re not even a man, you’re whatever I say you are – but today you’re nothing but My fucking crotch cleaner. You got that? I haven’t taken a shower in 24 hours and am soooo smelly after working out. Start with cleaning my dirty ass. And get your tongue DEEP up the hole and scrub it clean!”

He renews his efforts, but now She wants to cum so She tells him to start cleaning out Her sour pussy. He licks up the bitter, piss, sweat and discharge laden pussy. Gagging on the taste, She reaches down and pushes his head farther into Her pussy. This seems to break any last will that he had – he is blinded by the hood and helpless – and starts hungrily feeding on the pussy until She starts oozing fresh cum to sweeten the taste. Finally, She announces that he’s failing in his efforts and it’s time to go to plan B. She gets up and has him lay prone on the bench. She chains him up and squats over his face, ready to start smothering him …

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