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Lovely Miss Madison is sitting on her lounge chair appreciating a glass of white wine. She calls her slave dawg over to massage her feet. After rubbing them a little bit she has him smell them and afterwards tells him to bark twice if he suches as the smell. “Woof, woof” he replies. Madison tells him she is thinking about letting him fuck her feet as he hasn’t cum in a very long time. “It will rely on just how good a task you do” she informs him. She directs him how to utilize his hands while you obtain a good complete display view of her other foot. “If you were right here you ‘d be servicing this foot” she informs you. Madison really has gorgeous feet and also the servant recognizes he is lucky to be able to touch them.

Miss Madison says if he does a bad task she’ll send him to the neighbors hours to attend to the 80 year old female’s feet there. Pleased with his initiative she has him draw his dawgy prick out. She takes some lube as well as rubs it on it and afterwards begins scrubing her feet over it. She really fucks his penis between two toes before establishing her feet down as well as allowing him hump them like a wild dawg in warmth. He is rock difficult as well as she constructs him as much as the point of release and just as he asks to cum she tells him to stop and also resume rubbing her feet. Besides why would certainly she want his awful goo throughout her toes? The slave moans in pain. She makes him lick the lube as well as his precum off her feet first as well as laughs at his depressing state.

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