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Fresh new rubber is always so thirsty. And with my brand new transparent flesh latex from DeMask, I know my latex clothing is going to need a thorough shining to get it to the reflective luster I love in latex. My slave has the privilege of shining my rubber bra and leggings from head to today. With his head encapsulated in a latex hood, he has to thoroughly feel every bit of latex on my body. He doesn’t have the pleasure of seeing it, but with his vision removed, he sensuously feels every inch of my body to make sure my latex is properly lubricated. From the cups of my bra to the depths of my leggings, every bit of latex needs to be shined. I love feeling his hands run over my rubbery body as he polishes and polishes to make sure that my new gummi clothing is as sleek as can be… Features: latex fetish, rubber fetish, gummi, latex leggings, shiny fetish, femdom, female domination, tease and denial, rubber and latex worship

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