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You know I enjoy fucking with your mind right? Seeing you get all nervous & excited wanting so bad to touch me, to kiss me, to worship my pussy….all the things you know will NEVER happen. Toying with your weak beta mind is one of my favourite things to do. I’m going to take a sip of wine and grab your face with my hand moving closer to your face. The look in your eyes and the grin on your face tell me all I need to know. Your my puppet to play with. Bringing my lips within millimeters of yours but you can not touch, it’s forbidden. I’m not going to kiss you stupid, we both know you would love that but NO! Open wider so I can spit my wine in your mouth, that’s the closet you’ll ever get to my mouth. It’s a good thing you’re in chastity, you’d cum way too fast if I didn’t lock you up!

My spit is followed by my signature mindfuck tease into a hard face slap which is well deserved see as you did think I was gonna kiss you….didn’t you? Did that slap wake you up slave? Now get your pathetic ass on that bed so I can cane it and hear you whimper, getting that close to my big lips comes with a cost! If you’re a good beta and take my beatings I’ll reward you after.

I bet you would love to brush my silky long blond hair & pamper me before I go on a date with my alpha lover. How about I take off my dirty panties and you can lick them clean. Take a mental note of how my pussy tastes & how lucky you are to savour it off my panties. You can even keep them sniff while I’m out.

Ball Kicking Brings Me Happiness. Ass smothering cushion training. You’ll do it for me – Clean my nasty feet

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