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Miss Jasmine is generally satisfied with her office bitch and has even given him a few 15 cent raises. Weekly raises of 15 cents that is. To stream line things as much as possible though the ladies at Fem Corp have decided that from now on the slave will only get scraps for lunch rather than the sandwiches they used to be fed. Jasmine found some old cheddar puffs in the garbage and figured they were perfect for her slave. Too make it even more fun though she decides to feed them to him using her feet. The slave hasn’t eaten in 24 hours so he starts devouring the soggy puffs like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted. Jasmine doesn’t want any of the cheddar on her feet so in addition to eating the food he has to lick her feet clean. “Give me a foot massage at the same time” she tells him.

Jasmine mentions that there’s some old carrot sticks and other vegetable items getting stale in the fridge and that will be his lunch tomorrow. Next Jasmine sets the plate on the floor, some fall to the floor, and crushes them under her feet before sticking her feet back in his mouth. She then crushes them as much as possible until there is a real mess on the floor and on her feet. Her soles and toes are literally covered in crushed puffs. The slave licks and sucks and gets them clean. When Jasmine feels he has had enough she has him pick up what’s left and put it all on the plate. for tomorrow. She then mentions to the slave that she found out the elderly temp in the next office hasn’t had her hairy pussy licked in years. He is ordered to crawl into her office and satisfy her with his mouth before returning to his place under her desk.

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