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Gorgeous Goddess Ivy is relaxing on the grey discipline bench wearing a little black dress and lovely 7″ stilettos. She beckons her slave over to give some attention to her feet. He crawls over and she reaches for his chastity cover cock, asking him how his day has been, knowing full well she has disciplined and used him without mercy since the day began. Naturally the slave replies “Good.” Since he is doing so well she tells him he can give her feet some attention starting with her licking her shoes. When she realizes she hasn’t heard a single thank you from the slave she tells him to crawl closer to her and spread his legs. She kicks him in the balls for a few times and then tells him she is extending his chastity period by 5 days.

Now she tells him to smell her feet. She asks if he likes the smell and he says he does. “Good because I’ve been ballbusting men all day, that’s the sweat off other men’s balls you’re smelling” she says proudly. Ivy looks so regal looking down at the slave licking her soles and sucking her heels. She tells him to remove her shoes because now she wants her feet kissed, licked and sucked. What amazing feet and long toes she has. She points them at the camera first, spreading the toes and wrinkling the soles before calling the slave back in to worship them. “You’re making your Goddess feel better already” she tells the slave. She calls him over for his reward, some more kicks to the balls, she then sends him back to his cage.

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