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I had Mia over for a “Princess slumber party”. And also I wished to display to her this trendy stockade I had actually built into the foot of my bed, so we can simply keep a footslave secured into area at Our feet as well as use it whenever we want! It is SO convenient! You simply get up, and PUSH your feet down its throat!

Poor slave … this clip opens up after we left it locked up at our feet all night long while we slept … and when we wake up, we simply pushed our feet right into its mouth up until it essentially GAGGED on Our feet over & & over!! Haha.

BTW these shackles really are constructed right into the foot of Our “Mean Woman Princess Bed” and also the servant actually is secured right into place! Those shackles aren’t coming off unless WE say so!!

Some of you freaks possibly desire you could be locked up at the foot of my bed like 24/7, huh? Wink

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