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CinchedandSecured – Jamie Knotts – Stepmom Bound While Babysitting 

Jamie understands how difficult it can be when a new stepmom enters the picture, and so she’s done everything she can to be not just a good step-mom, but a good friend to the little ones as well. It seems to have worked, because they want her to play a game with her before bedtime, and Jamie is only to happy to play along. She should have asked them what the game was! She winds up bound and gagged in…


CinchedandSecured – Enchantress Sahrye – Star Witness 

Poor Sahrye thought it was her civic duty to testify against the local crime lord, but she soon found he had other ideas. Nabbed by one of his henchmen, she finds herself taped tightly and her mouth stuffed with a HUGE ballgag! She struggles and “mmpphh”s as she tries to get free, but only succeeds in drooling all over her herself! She nearly succeeds in making a phone call, only to have her last hope snatched away by the villainous…


CinchedandSecured – Mabel Syrup’s Escape Challenge 

Mabel wants to add something different to her performing resume, and she believes becoming an escape artist will be just the thing to set her on top as a performer. She needs practice, though, and I am just the guy to give it to her. She works hard to escape the tight ropes that lash her ankles, knees and legs together, twisting her body back and forth, but she can’t seem to manage an escape. Her wrists are of no…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Foot Servant For Nylons And Bare Feet 

My foot servant will worship my stockinged feet as well as my bare feet. I expect the complete service from my slave. He shall smell, kiss, lick and suck them, first in nylons and then barefoot. Mmmm, that feels good – and he gets my nylons stuffed into his mouth at the end!

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Goddess Fina Smelly Foot Reprogramming 

Goddess Fina has decided its time to train her foot slave to love her smelly feet. Hesitant at first, normally her feet are always clean, but once she commands him to breath in her the aroma of her sweaty smelly feet he falls under her spell obeying every word. Making him smell in between each toe as she rubs the scent of her feet all over his face. To train him she has to test him. And after spending the…


ShinyBound – Jolene Hexx.. Strict Swimsuit Hogtie 

Gorgeous LFC wrestler Jolene Hexx trades in her underwear as well as handwear covers for a sleek one piece bikini as well as an incredibly strict hogtie! Shiny gradually connections as well as arcs her on electronic camera. When helplessly bound as well as gagged with a face covering panel gag that is also cranked back, Jolene needs to switch to her yoga breathing to endure the painful tie that would make most designs panic and also tap out! Jolene…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

FootGoddessMia – When Goddess Mia Gets Angry – Part 1 

I can snap for a great deal of factors. It’s really up to you as well as your performance before me. If you stop working at any factor, I get extremely disappointed and upset. It can be because you didn’t clean my shoes right, since you chatted without authorization, since you did something that you should not have or essentially even if you are so undesirable to me. And you recognize what, this slut is every one of this. He…


SensualPain – Inverted Milk Fountain Enema | Abigail Dupree 

It has been over 3 days considering that my last bowel movement and I can really feel the filth inside of me just passing away ahead out. In this video clip I am trying a number of points that I have actually never ever done before so I’m very ecstatic and also a bit anxious. I begin in the bathtub with a fifty percent gallon of milk and also insert it while on my back with my feet over my…


ShinyBound – Lydia Black.. Bound Until Broken 

A while ago I was approached to make a customized video clip for a man that wanted a girl tied down and also fiercely tickled non stop. The incentive was to pay the version by the min to see for how long she would certainly last prior to tapping out. I took care with who I picked for this obstacle because I wanted a tough woman that was also a life-styler as well as who I believed can take the…

Female Domination, Scissorhold

ScissorFoxes – Game Night – Level 3 

Mistress’s butt simply keeps obtaining more and more muscle as well as what far better means to invest the evening than to be trapped in between her upper legs, required to look at it while she plays some old computer game. She has him linked and also up (wrists and ankle joints) and also strongly secured an opposite. There’s no way of escaping which really returns to attack him. As some of you may understand, Mario can be an extremely…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

Double Foot Worship By Army Commander 

Lexi’s sweetheart is a soldier as well as she comes to see him whenever she can, which is truly seldom. Over the moment she made a close friend, Sun, that additionally has a partner in the same barracks. Someday, both of them are coming for a visitation however when they enter, they run into this commander who really don’t such as to see these gos to with his soldiers. It’s military, not a brothel! So he do not want to…

Female Domination, Foot Worship

AmericanMeanGirls – Locked Into Feet – Princess Amber 

I had Mia over for a “Princess slumber party”. And also I wished to display to her this trendy stockade I had actually built into the foot of my bed, so we can simply keep a footslave secured into area at Our feet as well as use it whenever we want! It is SO convenient! You simply get up, and PUSH your feet down its throat! Poor slave … this clip opens up after we left it locked up at…

Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Alexandra Snow – It’s Natural to Love Feet 

  You’ve had an attraction to a beautiful woman’s feet for as long as you can remember, but you’ve always felt so ashamed of it. It’s made you feel weird and uncomfortable, afraid to talk about it with anyone you date. I’m here to tell you: it’s not unnatural. In fact, it’s a fetish that you and I share. You see, the one thing that turns me on the most is having my feet worshipped. Allow me to go into…

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