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New clip with amazon girl Sharon. She is 6’1” (186 cm) tall and she has huge 12US feet. She makes foot slave to worship her feet and shoes. Her feet are not only huge, they are also very smelly. She did not wash her feet all day and came to the shooting after work. These are the smelliest feet, which we filmed. Look at her well worn ballet flats! They are terribly dirty inside and extremely stinky. When she takes off her shoes, the smell of her feet fills the whole room. To feel the smell of her feet you just need to be in the same room. Imagine what a strong smell when your nose is between her toes. Her soles are very dirty after all day in stinky flats. Also, a lot of black toe jam on her long huge toes. Poor slave sniffs? Licks and swallows all nasty things from her feet and shoes. Just do not think that her feet smell delicious. Her feet smell absolutely disgusting! It’s fucking torture!

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