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Mistress Damazonia has her pig servant bound to the ceiling by his wrists with a 5 pound weight hanging from his balls. He is defenseless and she will certainly make him suffer. She begins with a natural leather whip as well as quickly is working her magic on his back and also butt. As the flogging heightens the servant begins to cry out and thrash around. “Stop moving a lot” she warns him and afterwards begins flogging him also harder. She comes and bathtubs her hand backwards and forwards the slaves back and also the show of the affection makes the servant intend to please her even more. She digs her nails right into his flesh and after that returns to flogging him.

Damazonia takes care of the whip so skillfully and also she strikes more challenging as well as harder. His back and also ass are soon seriously significant. She then grabs a rattan cane and also goes hard at his ass. A slaves rips transform Damazonia on as well as she buys the servant to cry for her and after that strikes him repeatedly as hard as she can, again and again and also again. Soon the slave is weeping like a little baybee. Damazonia looks so pleased. She runs her hands over her backside and informs the slave it’s okay, the pain is only momentary. Memories of Damazonia will certainly stick around for days on this slave also after she has actually secured him back up in his cold dark cage.

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