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Ladies and also Gentlemen, we have a star today. London Rose is a freshmen this season. She’s a curvy Huge Titted Big Ass Blond sex professional athlete! This is her very first match for Progressed as well as we have the perfect pairing for this newbie. Symphonious, Tori Avano. Tori has substantial sex battling experience and also is a true Sex combating gladiator. London concerns our mats with enthusiasm and also sex-related arousal that makes sure to get Tori hot as well as bothered. These ladies are evenly matched in wrestling for the first round as Tori starts out sluggish to feel out her opponent. The sex-related power is apparent in this suit. These girls are out for orgasm. This match does end in round 3 with a squirting orgasms on the floor covering. The winner ties up the loser’s tits with rope bondage then fucks her reward.

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