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Queensnake – SPARKING CAGE – NAZRYANA 2021 March 6 

Today’s movie is based on a new setup and I think it’s a vicious one. We have attached the red shocker rod to the fucking machine in a way that it is able to slide back on the shaft when pressed against the skin then a spring mechanism pushes it out when it gets pulled back by the rotating wheel. So after some warmup I put Nazryana into the metal cage (where she sit for the entire duration of the…

Fighting, Lezdom & Lesbian

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Tori Avano vs. London Rose 

Ladies and also Gentlemen, we have a star today. London Rose is a freshmen this season. She’s a curvy Huge Titted Big Ass Blond sex professional athlete! This is her very first match for Progressed as well as we have the perfect pairing for this newbie. Symphonious, Tori Avano. Tori has substantial sex battling experience and also is a true Sex combating gladiator. London concerns our mats with enthusiasm and also sex-related arousal that makes sure to get Tori hot…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – GUMMY BEARS 2016 December 

This is my new preferred shooting video game. You only need a fish feeding slingshot, several gummy bears ammunition, a ready slavegirl, a face defense as well as the video game can be begun. But prior to shooting my ladies I wanted to try it on myself initially. I selected Tanita as my marksman. I need to confess that the gummy bears hit hard, way more difficult than I expected.

BDSM, Fighting, Lezdom & Lesbian

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Bella Rossi vs Cheyenne Jewel 

What a gift today. We get a competition quality suit and it’s not even tournament season. 2 extremely experienced as well as sex-related professionals satisfy on the floor coverings today. Cheyenne Gem and also Bella Rossi clash for the very first time with Progressed Style policies. This suit is a nail biter. Each lady ratings a 10-10 round for rounds 1 and 2. Round 3 is do or die. Who ever wins round takes the entire point. One wrestler has…


QueenSnake – CLIT CLASH 2020 November 28 

This film was inspired my Puppy sessions however this time I was focucing only on my clitoris. Since my clitoris is so small as well as concealed I pumped it up a little to put an elastic band on its base so in this manner I made my clit completely subjected. I likewise wore an unique band with a thorny metal information with elastic band in the middle of it right over my clit-rose. As a result those elastic band…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – THUMBTACK DANCER 2020 November 14 

This film is for the foot torment lovers. I need to state that only the most masochistic ladies are able to do it and Nazryana clearly is among them. Dancing while a lot of thumtacks were punctured into her soles made her cry like a baby. She was just weeping as well as shrieking constantly as well as there was a factor at the actual end of this session when she yelled to stop as well as obviously I right…


InfernalRestraints – PUNISHED CUNT 

Marina can opt out of jail if she agrees to fuck. Marina has been captured, now it’s time to get what’s involving her. “If I remain in a lot of discomfort, it helps me come.” Viewpoint major and Nietzsche fan, marina’s a pleasure as she’s interrogated by PD for solicitation. She’s bent over, bound, and also chained to a post. After marina’s openings are checked for contraband, she gets a special offer – service 30 men and you do not…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – FLABBY ABBY 2020 October 3 

Abby dislikes her flabby tummy badly, on the other hand it is easily usable to toenail her down to a wood light beam. So I took my favored hammer and drove 5 nails right into her tummy then I pulled her up till her belly stretched out shateringly. Considering that she simply can not stop whining about trying out the barbed cables I wrapped her tits with them to calm her down prior to toenailing. In this status she had…


InfernalRestraints – BETWEEN A BARREL AND A HARD PLACE | Calico 

Calico is put on hold by a canvas straight jacket. Calico is stuck. Disorientation is one of the most hard feelings. Putting a person in a placement where they can not see their very own body and also can not touch their own face is very disorienting. Calico is simply a body as well as just a head. What a sexy body and attractive head. She can not see what will take place to her body. She needs to wait,…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian

QueenSnake – SPLITS 2020 September 26 

This motion picture was my idea so I just had to be the very first to try it:-RRB- I never ever thought that 3 mins can be as long when my pussy is being whipped continuously for that long, I mean I got one or two hits in every seconds. The pain was almost untolerable and also maddening. At the end of the 3rd 3 mins of whipping I practically shed my awareness. My legs were tied so tight as…

BDSM, Fighting

EvolvedFightsLesbianEdition – Sheena Rose vs Stephie Staar 

We have a new wrestler today. Sheena “The Queen of Mean” Rose pertains to us from Las Vegas. She’s a little, tattooed lady with purple hair and an attitude to match her tough looks. She knows her size is mosting likely to make things challenging for her yet she recognizes her sex-related cravings will offset it. She is a full sexual deviant which makes her an excellent rival in sex battling. She is taking on Stephie Staar today. Stephie has…

BDSM, Lezdom & Lesbian


I used Nazryana as the almost all of a home-made high quality check machine that was created for checking the quality of various sort of panties by applying stress to test the strength of the materials. Nazryana’s pussy got inflated to make the experiment much more fascinating. Finally just one of the panties passed the examination. Check it out which one.


QueenSnake – Cigarette 2016 August 20 

Jade’s very first self torture session. She was such a masochist that we had to quit her numerous times to avoid triggering herself any kind of severe damage. Well, let’s hope she will not begin smoking once more. Examine the aftermath in my blog site.


QueenSnake – Pong – Jeby 2017 February 18 

I have actually spanked Jeby’s butts, tits and also belly with ping pong paddles up until damaging them on her as well as until she broke down and also virtually fainted. When she hopped on the ground I left her there and also violated her while I was having squirting orgasm.

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