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Ariel X as well as Bella Rossi have been working with each other for rather some time. They have actually been getting on each other’s nerves as well as today things are about to implode when Ariel tries to make Bella Rossi remain late in the workplace on a holiday. The power gets heated with the initial face put from Ariel and afterwards it’s game on. These ladies turn into a sphere of hair as well as ripped apparel with a full-scale workplace catfight. They slap each other’s faces till they are red, rip each other’s garments off till they are naked, stomach punch each other until their abdominals ache. Ultimately, Bella Rossi wears down her employer, gets her locked up and then has her means with her. After putting on Ariel X down in a catfight, Bella Rossi obtains Ariel bound and then has her method with her, beginning with a strap-on fucking in the pussy while Ariel is incorporated chains. Ariel is tied up and also incapable to combat off Bella’s lesbianism. Bella lick’s her boss’s pussy and also fucks her great and also difficult with a strap-on. Bella then tells Ariel that this entire time, her webcam has been streaming every one of this dreadful lesbian task to all the various other workers. Ariel is mortified yet the embarrassment isn’t over. Bella Rossi has simply beat Ariel’s butt in a pet cat battle, obtained her tied up and after that turns Ariel over and fucks her asshole long and also deep while she spanks Ariel’s tushy till it’s bright red. Bella remains on Ariel’s face and makes Ariel lick her horny pussy simply to rub in the embarrassment and also make Ariel be a reluctant lesbian. Bella leaves her employer tied up and newly fucked for the whole extra long holiday weekend.

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