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Sheena Ryder has fight training from Offering in the Armed force. She has heart, toughness as well as experience. She is available in with high assumptions for herself and also she provides. Nevertheless, Chad Diamond is feeling like a punk today. Chad and Sheena know each other very well. They work together a whole lot and they know how to press each other’s switches. So today these 2 trash talk each other like only two actual pals can. Sheena is exceptionally frustrated through out this whole suit while Chad lays on her and also spins her around at will yet believe us, Sheena took pleasure in every moment of this suit. She’s behind on factors entering to round 3 so she obtains her tactical plan going as well as she attempts to make Chad orgasm in round 3 for that instantaneous victory. Sheena does a sacrifice relocation however getting on her back, moving under Chad, grabbing his hips and drawing his cock hard. Her grasp is strong enough to stop his hips from relocating far from her harmful impact task. Things get intense in rounded 3 as both wrestlers reject to give in. The winner is called at the end of round 3. Winner fucks the loser’s asshole so hard the loser will certainly be strolling amusing for weeks.

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